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Fitting a regular car alarm to a short or long wheelbase motorhome is never recommended because the security requirements for motorhome security should include the occupants safety whilst occupying the vehicle, their possessions in external luggage compartments or left inside the cab and living quarters which is why we suggest fitting a purpose made motorhome alarm to your motorhome or caravan.

In all cases ease of use has been designed together with a fail safe procedure to over-ride the systems in the event of an emergency.

Wireless fitting to your motorhome

To avoid the disruption of removing carpets and panels etc of your motorhome we use "wireless" technology. This works by sending infra-red signals to the motorhome alarms CPU enabling us to secure external luggage compartments as well as throughout the driving and living areas without having to run unsightly wires.

Motorhome alarm or motorhome tracking available.

To view the motorhome security available, view the alarms and tracking below, to get the motorhome security either delivered or fitted. Fitting takes place at the location of your choice anywhere in the UK mainland within just a couple days from your order being placed, our motorhome securityengineer will bring your chosen alarm or tracking device with them. If you’re purchasing a product that doesn’t come with installation, this will be shipped within two working days.

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Caravan Alarm - With Mobile Fitting
Caravan Alarm - With Mobile Fitting£649.99

Features include 2 x two button radio keys, water and shock resistant with random 66-bit encryption to prevent scanning and code grabbing. Lost or stolen radio keys can be programmed out. 1 x touch key override, secure PIN code override, allows coding of radio keys and touch keys by entering the correct PIN Code, interior protection provided by an infra-red sensor, battery back-up protection up to 14 days on a fully charged battery, trailer socket protection, if the trailer socket is connected/disconnected the alarm if armed, will trigger, anti-lift detection prevents the raising of the protected caravan and 5th wheel steady leg if the alarm is armed, will trigger the alarm system. Optional TextAlert GSM pager alerts the owner of the caravan or 5th wheel of any alarm conditions that occur, with a text message to the owner's mobile phone. TextAlert also has the ability to locate the caravan or 5th wheel, should it be stolen, through a web based tracking service (a subscription is required for this facility). Optional closed loop protection circuit (looped wire to protect accessories, trailers, bike racks etc). Optional NightGuard pack provides door protection via a magnetic door contact, this allows perimeter protection when the Infra Red PIR Sensor is disabled. Convenience features include awning light illumination on disarming the alarm system, battery back-up battery powers the alarm system for up to 14 days if the leisure battery is disconnected, Infra Red Sensor can be disabled for one armed period, allowing the alarm to be armed whilst still occupied. Prices include VAT and mobile installation at the location of your choice, throughout England and Wales. For installations in Scotland please call 0800 977 5798.

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Motorhome Alarm - With Mobile Fitting
Motorhome Alarm - With Mobile FittingPOA

Generally motorhomes are fitted with a car alarm. We do not recommend this as the sensors don't have the range to cover the motorhome and wires have to be run to protect the living quarters and storage doors, involving pulling up carpets, removing cupboards and trim. Our 12 volt Thatcham Cat 1 system is specifically designed to meet the needs of motorhome owners. Using wireles technology enables you to have as many compartments, doors and areas protected as you wish, completely wireless, providing maximum security for the vehicle, its contents and its occupants. Adding a selectable Infra Red Movement Sensor to the living area not only protects skylights and windows but enables the vehicle to be fully alarmed whilst occupied. Add an RF Magnetic Contact Switch for the door into the living quarters so the alarm can be armed while you sleep. It can also be used for the garage and any outside compartments. Prices include VAT and mobile installation at the location of your choice, throughout England and Wales. For installations in Scotland please call 0800 977 5798.

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RF Infra Red Sensor
RF Infra Red Sensor£74.99

The RF Infra Red Sensor is a PIR sensor designed specifically to protect the living quarters of a motorhome if it is seperate to the cab. Because it's wireless it can be installed without having to remove any trim, leaving the vehicle exactly how it was found. This can be turned off if you want to keep the alarm protecting the doors, but still move around inside. Price applies when purchased at the same time as an alarm.

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RF Magnetic Contact Switch
RF Magnetic Contact Switch£59.99

The RF Magnetic Contact Switch can be fitted onto living quarter doors (if they don;t illuminate an interior light when opened) to trigger the alarm if opened. Because they're wireless no trim will need to be removed to run wires, kepping your interior just as it was found. You can also use this to protect outside compartments. Price applies when purchased at the same time as an alarm.

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