Another VAT beater from GAP Security is Trackstar from Trafficmaster. With a recommended retail price of £399.99 GAP Security broke the mould last year by discounting the price by a staggering £130, down to just £269.99 and what’s more, this price includes a mobile installation at the location of choice, anywhere in the UK. Oh and it also includes 20% worth of VAT!

But that’s not all. We’re also throwing in a free fleet management service called On Demand too. This enables the vehicle owner to track and locate their vehicle online and can also be used to run mileage and journey reports – essential for anyone that needs to claim business mileage.

Unlike all other Thatcham approved GPS tracking systems, Trackstar operates throughout Europe too, via its state of the art control centre on the continent. This ensures continuity of the monitoring service.

But Trackstar isn’t just a product for the car owner; here at GAP Security, we have been fitting them to motorhomes, caravans, trikes motorbike tracking and commercial vehicles for over a decade. In fact, we’ve also fitted them to agricultural and plant machinery. Basically, as long as the item you want tracked has either 12v or 24v running inside, we can track it!

Installation is covert too, so once fitted, there is no visible sign that a tracking system is present; this is good news for everyone other than the thief, as it reduces the chances of the Trackstar being tampered with or bypassed. Ultimately, increasing the chances of recovering the vehicle and arresting the culprits!

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