All motorbike owners will be aware of the security risks that can be posed by having an inadequately protected motorbike, and the rate of theft for bikes is said to be twice that of cars. A good security system such as a bike alarm or immobiliser is essential to protect any motorbike, and there are many different options available to suit any customer’s needs and budget.

A great place to start looking for a bike alarm is online, where there will be a large range of products available, often at competitive prices. For those who know which bike alarm they would like, it can often be very quick and easy to find the item using search engines and specialist websites. However, for motorbike owners who are unsure which bike alarm would be best for them, it is a good idea to look for a providing site that has a good range of comprehensive information on the various models available. Some customers may be happy with a simple alarm that emits a loud and high pitched siren when triggered, but some may be searching for a bike alarm that also incorporates an immobiliser. This is a good way to add an additional aspect of protection to any motorbike, and can provide added peace of mind for many bike owners. A simple alarm relies on the presence of onlookers and aims to scare any potential thief from taking the vehicle, however, an immobiliser will often prevent the bike from being driven away from the area it has been stored in.

All alarms will vary in price depending on their features and capabilities, however it is a good idea to check that any items purchased is approved by leading vehicle protection organisations such as Thatcham. They are the UK’s leading tester for car and bike security systems, and work with the police to test and accredit a wide variety of protection systems. These can range from alarms and locks to garage door bolts and tracker systems. Approval from Thatcham is recognised by most insurers, and can often help customers to get discounts on certain policies, so it is a great idea to look for this accreditation on any security system.

There are a wide range of alarms available from a large selection of online providers, so for those who are unsure of which items would be the best for their needs it is a good idea to contact any provider directly. All sites should have either a telephone number or an email address for customers to use, which should enable them to get advice from a professional advisor concerning their security needs. It can often be difficult to know which level of protection will be necessary, so discussing the risk that any bike may be at during its use is a great way to ensure that the best system is chosen. The right security system will allow any motorbike owner to leave their bike safely and securely at any time, with peace of mind!

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