Motorcycle theft is on the rise. With the recession breathing down everyone’s necks and people struggling to afford their own cars and bikes, the number of stolen vehicles has been shown to have risen quite dramatically. The number of bikes actually stolen in 2003 was up by over 2000 in the UK alone. The highest risk category of motorbikes is the lower powered types, typically under 125cc and usually less than 5 years old. Although these “scooters” represent just 26% of Motorbikes registered the UK, they actually account for 60% of all motorcycle thefts!

These figures are staggering by anyone’s calculation, but what can be done?

Many Motorbike security manufacturers shy away from offering products for the under 125cc marketplace, despite it being the most vulnerable. Perhaps this has something to do with the purchase of such a Bike being temporary, whilst preparing for a larger machine, or simply down to cost.

With cost in mind, we have selected what we believe to be the solution to scooter security – the Autowatch AN506!

Autowatch has been a big name in vehicle security since is launch in 1993. Based in South Africa, they have been in the forefront of technology with a vast number of innovations including paging systems and wireless sensors.

Having researched the Motorbike security marketplace, we almost stumbled across the little known product, which, considering its manufacturers pedigree, is very surprising.

The Autowatch AN506 is no exception to the Autowatch typical offering, providing comprehensive security suitable for almost any scooter, at an affordable price. Operated by remote control (a pair of which are provided) it’s easy to use. Its features include a state of the art tilt sensor, designed to detect anyone attempting to move the scooter, with 24 different settings to prevent false alarming and to also ensure total accuracy. The AN506’s built-in immobiliser is designed to prevent hot-wiring, so there is no way of being able to steal the bike or scooter with this system on without the siren going off!

It is waterproof too, so the 118dB siren will be protected against the elements. Using random encryption coding, the remote controls aren’t vulnerable against cloning, known in the industry as scanning and grabbing. As the alarms are usually located under the seat of the bike, in the event of someone trying to locate the actual alarm, the seat is protected with a switch linked directly into the alarm.

For those that use their bikes and scooters late at night or early in the morning, you’ll be pleased to know that it has an option to arm and disarm silently, thus just flashing the hazard lights to provide a visual notification that the system has armed or disarmed. In its normal mode, it will also chirp the siren as an audible acknowledgement.

Finally it has a panic facility, providing the user with personal protection in the event of jacking by emitting an audio alarm if required that with alert other people to the scene quickly.

The AN506 is also suitable for Quad-Bikes too.

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