The range of car tracking systems available these days is extensive and you will find that they have progressed far beyond the realms of traditional automatic alarms.
While these still remain to be an effective car safety system they are by no means fool proof as thieves have become more and more sophisticated in being able to crack them.

With car tracking systems you can monitor and protect your car twenty four hours a day with live tracking facilities, ensuring that you will always know where you vehicle is.

Whether you simply want to protect your own car or wish to monitor a fleet of business cars used by your employees, a car tracking system can offer all of these capabilities.

Compared to traditional car security systems, in the event of theft, a car tracking device enables the Police to track and recover your car using real time information, often utilising GPS or SMS technology. Many systems are also so pro-active that they will inform you that your vehicle has been stolen before you know yourself.

Some of the most popular car tracking devices feature journey reporting which will enable you to track your vehicle via the Internet, allowing you to see the routes it has taken which is useful for calculating business mileage.

The UK’s best selling GPS car tracking device is the Trackstar that liaises directly with the Police to ensure you have the highest possible success rate in recovering your vehicle without any damage. Fitted with a backup battery this car tracking device is designed for ultimate protection and will even text you when the battery is running low. Fully compatible with smartphone technology you can even keep an eye on your vehicle when you are on the go.

Other car tracking systems feature automatic driver recognition cards, built in motion sensors and protection across Europe as well as the UK. The more sophisticated models may also provide a guard to look after your car until a recovery vehicle arrives. If your business needs require that you keep a close eye on your fleet cars then many car tracking devices will also ensure that you can regularly monitor you vehicles securely online, often at no extra cost.

There is clearly a wide range of benefits associated with installing a car tracking device not only in terms of advanced security measures but also possible reductions in your insurance premiums. The twenty-four hour tracking facility not only allows you to access vehicle information at any time through an Internet connection but also provides a full history breakdown, allowing you to see exactly where and how you car has been driven.

Offering easy installation and great usability functions a car tracking device is among the most effective security systems currently available on the market.

With the wide range of models available you will also find that they offer a great cost effective solution to your car security measures, so don’t wait for your beloved wheels to end up as scrap, invest in a car tracking device today.

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