Whether it’s a top of the range sports car, a fleet of business cars or your very first car, handed down through the generations, car security will play a crucial role in protecting your vehicle from theft.

The type of car security you may need will often depend on a variety of factors, from where you live to how you use your vehicle, but with the wide range of car security products available, whatever you needs you can guarantee to find one suitable for you.

Many people will often overlook car security due to concerns over the costs involved, but the truth of the matter is that the real costs of car crime will inevitably outweigh these initial security costs.

Not only can car crime impact on the loss of your no claims bonus and damage repairs but it may also increase your insurance premiums. The good news is that with the variety of car security products available, there are many cost effective options on the market.

The most popular car security products include predominantly car alarms and car tracking systems.
A car alarm can offer great value for money whilst still providing you with the latest technology. Prices can range from £199 to £550 for some of the latest models and offer features such as LED visibility, central locking capabilities, 120 decibel sirens, remote courtesy lighting and a pin code over-ride.

Some of the more advance car security alarms will even text you as soon as your vehicle is broken into, allowing you to power the siren via a two-way receiver. Better still, a GSM pager can communicate with your mobile phone allowing you to locate your vehicle online if the alarm is triggered. However if this still does not offer you total piece of mind then the engine immobiliser is perhaps the best option that money can buy. Once triggered this micro computer will stop the engine from being started so that no-one will be capable of illegally starting your car.

If you are, however looking for the very latest in car security technology, then a car tracking system could be the best option for you. Modern vehicle tracking systems will use mainly GPS or SMS technology that allows you to track your vehicle via the Internet or smartphone technology. Becoming one of the most popular car security systems and widely endorsed by the Police these tracking devices offer the most reliable and efficient of products available.

If you want to protect your car from thieves with a system that can last the lifetime of your vehicle then a car security system will offer uncompromised reliability and total piece of mind.

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