Instantly Know Your Car’s Location by Using Sophisticated Car Tracking

As the nation’s population grows, there has been recorded an increase in overall crime, especially robberies and thefts.  This is true for assaults on innocent pedestrians, especially at night, when they are at risk of being held at gunpoint or knifepoint and relieved of any valuables that they may be carrying with them.  There are […]

Car Tracking Can Keep Your Prized Possession Safe and Give You Peace of Mind

Unfortunately, many people have been victims of some sort of robbery attempt, hopefully with no adverse results.  Crime overall appears to be on the rise, and people are taking ever greater precautions at protecting their valuables, whether they are wary of pickpockets or worse, an armed assault involving a knife or gun.  They are also […]

Protect Both Your Automobile and Your Peace of Mind with Car Trackers

Throughout history, when a nation faces uncertain economic times, crime and violence invariably rise accordingly.  Although today in Great Britain we are not facing tremendous hardship, there is no doubt that crime continues unabated, and that it remains an affliction that just won’t go away.  Sometimes, this takes the form of armed robbery, where a […]

Keep Your Vehicle Safe from Thieves by Investing in a Car Tracker

With the population in Great Britain on the rise, there is a corresponding increase in the amount of crime committed.  This can take several forms — armed robbery in the street, where the victim is threatened with a knife or a gun and relieved of any valuables that they may be carrying with them. Or […]

Car Security

Whether it’s a top of the range sports car, a fleet of business cars or your very first car, handed down through the generations, car security will play a crucial role in protecting your vehicle from theft. The type of car security you may need will often depend on a variety of factors, from where […]

Car Tracking Systems

The range of car tracking systems available these days is extensive and you will find that they have progressed far beyond the realms of traditional automatic alarms. While these still remain to be an effective car safety system they are by no means fool proof as thieves have become more and more sophisticated in being […]

Car Trackers

Car Trackers provide an added security measure and anti-theft solution for protecting your vehicle. Gap Security Direct offer a wide range of car trackers to suit all budgets and their most popular models include the following: Trackstar with mobile fitting (£189.99) Trackstar is the UK’s best selling GPS tracking system and is totally pro-active, so […]

Car Tracker

The UK has the worst vehicle theft problem in Europe with over 1100 vehicles being stolen every day. Although there are many car security systems and alarms that exist on the market, by far the most reliable and recommended is the installation of a car tracker. Vehicle security technology has gone far beyond traditional auto […]

Car Tracking

Gap Security Direct specialise in Car Tracking systems as well as motorcycle, motorhome, and van security. Our range of car tracking devices is extensive across the UK and you can find current models available on our website. Unlike many car security systems which provide you solely with an anti-theft solution, car tracking devices go much […]


WHAT’S CAT 5 TRACKING? Obviously none of us need reminding that GPS tracking is the only sensible and truly effective method of tracking available today. Products like Tracker for example, are not much different to using a walkie talkie to try and locate a stolen vehicle; hoping that the closer you get the louder or […]

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