Trackstar from Trafficmaster

Over a decade since its launch, Trackstar from Trafficmaster is still considered to be the best insurance approved GPS tracking system in the UK. It’s not just its dealers that rate it, but several major motor manufacturers too including Honda, Audi, Subaru, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Land Rover and many more! Just walk into one of their […]


There’s a great deal of hype at the moment about the widespread of GPS jammers, which are supposedly being used to prevent GPS tracking systems from transmitting a signal. In reality, the widely available products that can be found on eBay are Chinese manufactured and as such, lack a certain level of quality and reliability. […]


TRACKER – REMEMBER THE 80’S Before we tell you all of the reasons why buying Tracker is a mistake and why GPS is far superior, it is only right to commend them for creating the most powerful and successful brand name in the whole business that is tracking systems, today in the UK. Their aggressive […]

Trikes are targeted as well as Motorbikes

It’s not just performance motorbikes that are targeted; despite us not even seeing a glimpse of spring yet, we are receiving a huge amount of enquiries for trike security. It would appear that the security of trikes is a massive concern for insurers at the moment. Last year it seemed that companies like Bikesure and […]

Motorbikes are Back on the road

It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago this country was covered in snow and now before even a glimpse of spring has arrived, motorbikes are back out of hiding and onto our roads once again. Although so far this year, we have seen a huge number of trike owners call to purchase […]

Another VAT beater from GAP Security is Trackstar from Trafficmaster

Another VAT beater from GAP Security is Trackstar from Trafficmaster. With a recommended retail price of £399.99 GAP Security broke the mould last year by discounting the price by a staggering £130, down to just £269.99 and what’s more, this price includes a mobile installation at the location of choice, anywhere in the UK. Oh […]

In an ideal world we would not need motorcycle security

Let’s be honest; in an ideal world we wouldn’t need to have motorcycle security. However, many of us do every day and usually for only one of two reasons – fear or force. Fear, because we have been a victim of motorbike theft before, or know someone else that has; force, because we cannot get […]

Keeping your Property Secure

Having a car alarm or motorcycle alarm is something that people take for granted. Without a doubt, every car made and sold today has an alarm fitted inside it. It’s an important deterrent for potential thieves and serves as an effective way to alert the owner to a possible break-in through its emission of a […]

Over a decade installing Trackstar

We’ve been installing Trackstar for over a decade. Initially it was branded RAC Trackstar, due to a partnership with the RAC (Royal Automobile Club). When this partnership ended, it became the Trackstar Protector; then after a software change and a few evolutionary modifications, it changed again to Protector Plus. Today, its actual name is Trafficmaster […]

Motorcycle Alarm Will Bring Peace Of Mind

One of the great things about installing a motorcycle alarm is that it can act as a deterrent to any potential thief. It is suspected that many crimes are carried out by opportunistic thieves. This is when a person does not set out with the intention of committing a crime, but a situation has arisen […]

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