Cost Effective Motorbike Security Laserline

This Italian manufacturer of vehicle security systems was founded way back in 1987 and some 22 years later, remains a prominent force in the UK industry. Perhaps one of their most recognised benefits is their incredible value for money. Unlike Datatool, Laserline is possibly better known for its range of car and commercial vehicle security […]

How to Deter the Motorbike Thief

With 80% of motorbikes now stolen from the home, physical security has never been more important. Simply putting your bike in the garage hoping that nobody will know that its there isn’t going to deter the opportunist. Many of the bikes stolen each day from homes in the UK are targeted and therefore followed by […]

Securing Your Motorhome

It’s hard to believe that a £60,000 Motorhome comes without an alarm, yet a typical family hatchback or people carrier that can be worth less than 1 fifth in value is armed to the teeth. Perhaps the reason is because Motorhomes start out their lives as vans, and their value is dramatically increased only when […]

Motorhome Alarms for CANbus Vehicles

From 2003 many Motorhomes have come with a new type of wiring called CANbus, short for Controlled Area Network. This method of wiring vehicles means that the wiring actually sends data which allows the engine to communicate with various electrical parts of the vehicle. It was actually developed by Bosch in 1983, but will become […]

Caravan Security Article

With almost half a million touring caravans in the UK, its not surprising that theft of and theft from caravans is a massive problem. In fact, both professional thieves and opportunist favour caravans to cars as their chosen prey! Not only are they easy to steal, but if broken into often contain a large amount […]

Motorcycle Security Article

The figure of 35,000 motorcycles and scooters stolen a year in the UK seems quite low when compared with that of cars, which averages a staggering 250,000, however, it actually represents 1 bike in every 40, which is quite simply massive! Many bikes are actually stolen just for the parts. This fact reduces dramatically the […]

Datatool – The Motobiker’s Number One!

Datatool were founded in 1985; an era in which car security products were only available in car accessory shops, on the shelf behind the polish. Motorbike security items were basically unheard of; the philosophy behind this being the belief that bikes and cars were too different to share the same alarms and immobilisers systems on […]

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