Datatool are one of the nation’s leading manufacturers in motorbike security systems, and are a great option to consider for those who are searching for a reliable method of protection for their bike. Motorbike theft is an occurrence that all owners hope never to have to deal with, but is unfortunately very common in the UK. A bike is more likely to be stolen as a car, and protecting it against theft is essential. Purchasing a good security system can also help to reduce insurance costs to some extent, and Datatool is a well known and respected brand to choose.

Those who are interested in a Datatool system or similar protection should consider the styles of security that would best suit their lifestyle and bike usage. For example, some people will be able to lock and store their motorbike in a garage at home or work, which is the ideal way to keep it out of sight at reduce the risk of theft. However, some may need to store it on a drive or park it in public when at work. In this instance, it is a good idea to invest in a high quality lock and to use it at all times. Datatool have a good range of chains and locks which are generally very heavy duty and approved by Thatcham (the UK vehicle security system testing organisation), which should help to acquire discounts on insurance payments. Whilst the locks and chains available from Datatool are generally rather chunky and heavy, they also come coated with a highly visible sleeve to protect any paintwork and metal from being chipped by the chain. The high visibility aspect of the chains and locks can also act as a great deterrent for potential thieves.

Locks and chains are great for those who travel a lot on their bike, and should be an essential component of any bike security system. However, those who do not have a garage and will need to lock their bike up on a drive overnight should look into additional security for this style of storage. Ground anchors are a great way to secure a bike that is parked on a drive overnight, and they can be relatively quick and easy to secure. Datatool have a couple of different models available, one that can be bolted to the ground, and one that needs to be secured into the drive with concrete. This is a great idea for any bike owners who are having their drive resurfaced, and may wish to incorporate a ground anchor installation into the process. Datatool’s range of ground anchors are also accredited by Thatcham, which is an asset to any insurance policy and can help to provide a better rate for the customer. Investing in good quality security equipment that is easy to use is essential for any bike owner. It can make using and securing any motorbike quick and easy, and will give any owner peace of mind when their bike needs to be left unattended.

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