With 80% of motorbikes now stolen from the home, physical security has never been more important. Simply putting your bike in the garage hoping that nobody will know that its there isn’t going to deter the opportunist. Many of the bikes stolen each day from homes in the UK are targeted and therefore followed by those who wish to steal them.

One of the most recommended methods of keeping your bike safe is a Thatcham approved alarm. These are a well known name in the world of security, and if the bike isn’t kept on charge while stored, the alarm will simply turn itself off when the battery gets below 9volts. So, despite it being perhaps the first and most important accessory you can buy, please bear in mind that alarms and immobilisers are really aimed at deterring thieves from taking your bike when you are out and about!

For the drive, yard or garage, physical security is always the best option as it doesn’t rely on a power source and is clearly visible and massively inconvenient to the would be thief. When choosing such a product, as with alarms and immobilisers, the Thatcham seal of approval demonstrates that the device can withstand a 5 minute attack – this is far longer than most thieves will spend trying to defeat it. There are several types of physical security to choose from and each one has a particular use. Again, as with alarms and immobilisers, Datatool dominates this market too.

Datatool offers ground anchors, garage door defenders, locks and chains. The ground anchors come in two applications, both of which are Thatcham approved. First, the Fortress 1, which bolts into the ground using M10 security bolts, making it easy to install for anyone with basic DIY skills. Next, the Fortress 2, which requires a rectangular hole to be cut into the concrete in which is lies, making it harder to attack but at the same time, harder to install. However, despite it being a more complex installation, it’s still relatively easy for those who know what they are doing and far more secure than other options.

Once your chosen ground anchor has been fitted, the bike is secured to it using a lock and chain; again look for Thatcham approval when choosing one.

Garage door security is the next area worth considering and the Fortress 3 garage defender is suitable for any up and over garage door and can be fitted in under an hour. Its best line of defence is its visibility, providing an obvious resistance to anyone thinking of gaining entry into your garage as they will be aware if prevents the door from opening.

The next and most popular application is that of locks and chains. Some can be used in conjunction with a ground anchor and others are portable, designed to be used to secure the bike to railings or bike barking bays. The Python Lock & Chain is 1.5m long with a 13mm hardened core which is zinc coated. Even the lock is made from steel and has 250,000 possible combinations, highly reducing the chance of it being picked. The Portable Python Lock & Chain is almost identical with the exception of it having a 1.3m long chain.

Last but by no means least, we move on to the Devil 1000, aimed at those that don’t want to carry a lock and chain. Basically, it’s an 11mm steel shackle disc lock which will fit almost any bike on the market. Lightweight, convenient and affordable, if you cannot reach the cost of the Python range, there’s no excuse for not owning one.

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