Every year more motorcycles are stolen, more motorcyclists are both disappointed and inconvenienced and then find their renewal premium increasing because of theft claims. Everyone desires for the latest ‘all-singing-all-dancing’ motorcycle – loaded with performance enhancing gadgets from engines through suspension to brakes; but security always seems to be an after thought by most manufacturers. Some manufacturers have standard security like immobiliser’s or alarms on the top-end models only, but most do not include anything except a steering lock.

Motorcycles can be an easy target for thieves, even more so if they are not secured in any way as they can be wheeled away or bundled into a van in seconds! What is most alarming is that in recent Government figures, lower powered motorcycles less than 125cc, are at a greater risk of theft than larger bikes! Proof therefore that thieves will steal any bike be it a £500 scooter or a £10,000 sports bike. As an Insurance broker we hear too many times of bikes reported stolen, many with little or no security what so ever fitted to the bike. The more security measures an owner will take, the less attractive the bike will be to thieves. We always strive to give our client’s the best advice where possible, so having a reputable company to recommend for motorcycle security is very important. This is why we are pleased to recommend GAP Security Direct in relation to motorcycle security.

No one likes to waste money especially in the current economic climate so we feel it is important to get the right advice, first time for the right product. We are regularly asked by our client’s for help and assistance on what security to fit to their bike and having GAP Security Direct to help our client’s needs continues our high level of customer care. Fitting the right recommended security will not only reduce the chance of theft but may also help save you money. Insurers like to see owners fitting additional security on top of what the manufacturer fitted as standard, normally offering a discount on your insurance premium too, so it’s well worth the investment. More importantly, what price would you pay for having peace of mind that your motorbike is safe and secure?

We often hear about bike riders learning the hard way about bike theft, ‘it won’t happen to me’ they say. I wish I had a pound for every time I heard that one! Then the inevitable happens, the bike gets stolen, the pride and joy is gone and all the grief and inconvenience starts. ‘I wish I fitted that alarm when I bought the bike’, all the reasons why they didn’t protect the bike come out. However, many learn and the next bike they purchase has more than one single security product – investing in both electronic and mechanical security devices. We would advise anyone against being the next bike theft statistic by investing in reliable trusted bike security!

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