As the nation’s population grows, there has been recorded an increase in overall crime, especially robberies and thefts.  This is true for assaults on innocent pedestrians, especially at night, when they are at risk of being held at gunpoint or knifepoint and relieved of any valuables that they may be carrying with them.  There are also reports of increases in burglaries to homes and offices, forcing many people to install additional security features — alarms that alert a central monitoring location, or even more drastic measures, such as closed-circuit television cameras surrounding the premises.

Automobiles have long been a favourite target for thieves, as there is always a ready market for them both domestically, and increasingly, abroad. There, registration numbers and license plates can easily be replaced, and the original owner has little chance of ever finding the car again, let alone recovering it.  While one might think that more prestigious brands, such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, or Bentley would be at the top of any wish list, more popular and less exclusive brands such as Volkswagen, especially the generic Golf model, are also high on the list of reported car thefts.  This is probably because these less expensive, low-profile cars are easier to resell, especially in foreign markets, where potential replacement parts are more readily available.  However, regardless of the model, car thefts are on the rise, and car owners are looking for better ways to defend their prized possession.

While almost all cars today come equipped with at least a factory-installed car alarm, these can be easily disabled, so owners are increasingly looking at upgrading their security systems: either with devices that disable the engine, or for the ultimate in protection, a car tracking system.  These modern marvels utilize the latest in GPS technology, and if properly installed by experts, are completely hidden from view, so that potential thief won’t have any idea that this level of protection is present.  With these advanced systems, the car’s every movement can be immediately monitored via any computer connected to the Internet, or even smart phones. This allows for immediate feedback when one is not at home or at the office.  Because GPS technology works with a worldwide network of satellites, no matter where the car is taken, it can be located to within a few meters.  This makes the recovery of the automobile extremely easy to accomplish.

But there are also several additional benefits to installing a modern car tracking system.  For one, insurance companies recognize that the chance of loss due to theft is minimized, which reduces premiums on the automobile coverage.  It also allows one to document their travel itineraries and mileage, which can come in handy for business expense reports or tax returns.

When you decide to get serious about protecting your vehicle, be sure to contact the specialists at GAP Security.  They can provide you with expert advice, either by phone or by chatting with them online, advising you of the several options that they provide, including alarms and various solutions for car tracking.

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