With the population in Great Britain on the rise, there is a corresponding increase in the amount of crime committed.  This can take several forms — armed robbery in the street, where the victim is threatened with a knife or a gun and relieved of any valuables that they may be carrying with them. Or it could be a break-in to a residence, office, or warehouse — where, if the thieves act quickly and with a well-thought-out plan, they can disable any security system in place and take whatever they deem to be of value, such as cash, jewellery, electronic equipment, or other easily removable objects.

Vehicles of any type are also coveted by such thieves, for obvious reasons.  Whether an automobile, motorcycle, van, or even motor home, no vehicle is immune from potential theft.  The vehicle owner can take some initial precautions, such as never leaving the keys with their vehicle under any circumstances and locking the vehicle, which typically enables an alarm system, if it is present.  An alarm is such a good idea that it has become almost a standard feature in most vehicles; if not available directly from the factory, it should be installed immediately once the owner takes possession of the vehicle.  A vehicle alarm system is relatively inexpensive, and does alert any passersby, via a loud repeating noise, that someone is trying to tamper with the vehicle.  But very often, due to the foibles of human nature, a passerby is loath to get involved, and even if they opt to contact the police, by the time someone with authority arrives at the scene, it is usually too late.

The next level of security involves installing an immobilizer. This, as the name implies, disables the vehicle from functioning in the event any thief attempts to tamper with it.  But the best and most sophisticated system for protecting your vehicle, especially one of high-value, is a car tracker.

This device is hidden from view, so that the thief doesn’t actually even realize that it is there, and incorporates GPS system which allows the owner, via an Internet link to a computer or smart phone, to know exactly where the vehicle is at all times.  There are several additional benefits to car trackers.  Because they record every mile that a vehicle travels, the data can be used to calculate actual mileages for business trips, so that these can be documented for potential reimbursement or for taxation purposes.  Additionally, if one should lend their car to a friend or family member, they will have instantaneous feedback as to where the car is going.

When you decide to get serious about protecting your vehicle, be sure to contact the specialists at GAP Security. They can provide you with expert advice either by phone or by online chat about several options that they provide, including alarms and various models of car tracker.

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