Established in 1973, Meta is well established and carries the prestigious position of one of the world’s largest motorcycle security manufacturers. Founded and based in Italy, with an annual turnover of over 80 million Euros it’s easy to see how they can keep busy a team of over 100 skilled design engineers, with the sole task of consistently improving their product range. This is good news for us and even better news for you.

Their technical skill and track record for perfection and reliability are almost certainly key reasons why they are the chosen suppliers of security for Yamaha and Suzuki – worldwide!

Its not just Meta’s size that’s impressive – their media coverage is unrivalled: In 2004, the Rider Power Survey voted Meta “Best Brand” and if you thought it couldn’t get any better than this, in the same year Fast Bike magazine told the world at large that they only ever use Meta, as they never let you down.

It doesn’t stop there; in November 2004, Bike magazine gave Meta’s Thatcham 2-1 upgrade system, the M357TV2-1, a 4 star rating, it then scored 99% in an MCN survey just a few months later!

In fact, Meta has the support of almost every bike magazine in circulation today.

So, what is it that makes Meta’s motorcycle security systems so special?

The first thing that most people will look at is the price, especially whilst we are living in such financially turbulent times and with Meta’s Thatcham alarms coming in at just £279 and £299 including VAT and mobile installation, they’re already off to a great start. However, those in the know will also pay very close attention to the current draw that the alarm takes from the bikes battery. Well, perhaps even more attractive than the price is the fact the current drain is actually NIL when in sleep mode!

So when you consider that Meta’s pedigree makes them possibly the most serious contender, then that the price and ZERO current drain are unbeatable, why would anyone consider buying anything else?

If its features you want, well Meta’s alarms offer a whole host of these two. For example, both of Meta’s insurance approved alarms also have the ability to house the bikes ignition key so there’s no need to carry a key ring around with you. Both alarms are weather and vibration resistant, so no matter how wet it gets out there and how hard your ride your machine, Meta will continue to provide reliable and effective security, without any reliability issues today or tomorrow.

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