Most motorbike owners will be familiar with the security measures that must be taken to ensure that their bike stays safe and protected when it is both at home and away. A good security system is essential, and this can vary depending on where the bike is stored or how it is used.

Datatool is a leading vehicle security system manufacturer, and can provide a vast range of options for motorbikes. These range from simple padlocks and chains to alarm and immobiliser systems, and even trackers which can help the police to find stolen vehicles. Datatool locks and chains can be a great way to keep any bike secure when it is parked in a public area, or even just on the drive of a house. Many people are not able to park their bike in a secure garage or private area, either during work hours or when at home. In this instance, a hard wearing chain is one of the most basic forms of security. Datatool chains are incredibly hard wearing and durable, and are additionally protected by a high visibility coating to protect bike paintwork and deter thieves. For those who park their bikes on a driveway at night, a ground anchor can provide a secure point to lock any bike to. These can either be bolted to the ground, or immersed in concrete, and are one of the most secure ways to protect a bike outside during the night. The high visibility of Datatool chains and locks is also an effective deterrent to potential thieves.

The range of security equipment available also includes a good range of alarms and immobilisers. These can be purchased individually, or in an integrated system. Whilst an alarm will emit a high pitched siren upon being triggered, an immobiliser will obviously prevent the bike from being driven away easily. Many people prefer to choose a system that incorporates both of these elements to provide a well rounded protection system. It is also possible to purchase a text alert system, where a text message is sent to a chosen mobile phone if the bike’s alarm system sounds, or if the ignition is started or tampered with. This can be a great option for those who may not be able to hear their bike’s alarm when it sounds, such as owners who work on a high level office floor or in a secure environment such as a laboratory.

Datatool can also provide tracking systems which can be installed discreetly underneath the bodywork of any bike, and can help to recover the motorbike if it is stolen. Tracking systems emit a signal that is detectable by the UK police force, and can help to locate a stolen bike even if it is inside a garage or other vehicle such as a lorry. The wide range of security systems available from Datatool should make it easy for any bike owner to protect their vehicle at all times, and it is easy to find a system to suit any needs and budget.

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