Recognised as possibly the largest independent Insurance Broker in the UK, vehicle security has always been a huge concern for Adrian Flux Insurance.

Far too many Insurers simply leave it down to the Policyholder to arrange the supply and installation of an insurance approved (Thatcham) alarm, immobiliser or tracking system, but this isn’t always successful. The Motorhome Alarm business is often an unprofessional one, with many ex-Car Security installers, adapting Car Alarms to fit, but lack the knowledge and expertise required to do the job properly.

When you consider that many Motorhomes are a “home from home” and the huge investment undertaken to purchase one, is it really acceptable that someone fit just the bare minimum and removes carpet, trim and cupboards etc in the process?

You only need to visit eBay to see the plethora of “one man bands” advertising to supply and fit security devices to Cars and Motorhomes; however, like most things on eBay, you never know what you’re going to get until after it’s happened.

In fact, many Motorhome Alarms themselves, actually stem from Car Alarms and are often just not up to the job. The majority don’t actually protect the habitation area at all, leaving the most easily accessible area totally vulnerable, thus increasing the risk of theft from the Motorhome dramatically. Ultimately, this increases theft claims and everyones Insurance Premium is at risk.

Adrian Flux Insurance are sticklers for attention to detail and insist that not only the product is right, but the installer is too! After all, it’s the installer that will determine how secure the system is at the end of the day.

Armed with the right installer and the very best product range, Adrian Flux Insurance can feel confident that every Motorhome Owner can arrange for a tailor-made Alarm to be installed, with the option of securing all lockers, garages and even items such as gas bottles and bicycles. Whats more, the correct certificate will be issued at the end of the installation!

Therefore, with over a decades success operating a Car Security Referral Scheme, we are delighted to announce the launch of the Motorhome Security Referral Scheme in partnership with Adrian Flux.

The schemes launch this month, follows the intensive training of all sales, admin and renewals staff at Adrian Flux Insurance, covering all aspects of Motorhome Security.

Working with GAP Security, Adrian Flux Insurance is able to confidently provide a solution to the problem of Motorhome Security to every Policyholder, ensuring that everyone receives the same high level of service and a comprehensive range of security devices.

The product range on offer includes Thatcham Category 1 alarm/immobiliser systems such as the Toad Sterling One, which provides excellent value for money; the Laserline 670T which was developed specifically for CANbus vehicles such as the new Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and in fact, most new Motorhomes with remote controlled central locking. Also included in the product line-up are Tracking Systems, one of which currently comes with the first years subscription fee paid (Trackstar) and accessories like the Narcotic Gas Detector and Reversing Cameras.

With each product comes a lifetime warranty, Thatcham Recognised Installer installation certificate and a mobile fitting, anywhere in the UK mainland.

Products, along with the installation, can be purchased online or over the phone, with lines open from 9am until 10pm everyday.

It is the hope of GAP Security that more Insurers follow Adrain Flux’s lead in ensuring that anything that can be done, is done, in the fight to reduce Motorhome thefts in the UK.

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