From 2003 many Motorhomes have come with a new type of wiring called CANbus, short for Controlled Area Network. This method of wiring vehicles means that the wiring actually sends data which allows the engine to communicate with various electrical parts of the vehicle. It was actually developed by Bosch in 1983, but will become a standard way for all vehicles to be wired within the next few years.

So, what does this mean for the humble Motorhome owner?

Almost every Motorhome that is manufacturer with CANbus wiring will already have a remote control, which operates the vehicles central locking. It will also have a built-in Thatcham Category 2 approved engine immobiliser too!

Motorhomes with CANbus wiring include the Fiat Ducato from 2006 onwards, the Citroen Berlingo from 2003, Ford Transits from 2006, Mercedes Sprinters and Vito’s from 2006 and the Peugeot Expert and Boxer also from 2006.

Although owning a Motorhome with CANbus wiring means that your choice of security system is reduced dramatically, the good news is the fact that you are already half way there, having a Thatcham approved immobiliser and remote controlled central locking.

When installing an alarm to one of these vehicles we always opt for the new Laserline 670T system, which is Thatcham Category 2-1 approved (meaning it upgrades the existing factory fitted Category 2 immobiliser, to a Thatcham Category 1), so may well attract a discount from your insurance company. It was designed specifically for Motorhomes with CANbus wiring and like other Laserline products, has wireless capability. Therefore, we can fit wireless magnetic contact switches to the habitation entrance, lockers, garages, and any other item such as satellite dishes and bikes. It will also take the addition of a wireless infra red PIR sensor to protect the habitation area.

You can also add a module to this system which will close the front electric windows if left open, when the alarm is armed. A tilt sensor can also be added to protect the Motorhome from being jacked-up!

It’s really easy to use too, as it utilises the Motorhomes existing remote control central locking system. So, when you use the remote control to lock or unlock the Motorhome doors, it arms or disarms the alarm. This makes it extremely user friendly, as you’ll never have to explain to anyone how to use it. And better still, without having to have yet another remote control attached to your key-ring, you’ll never get in a muddle.

As with any Thatcham approved security system, the Laserline 670T is only valid for insurance purposes if fitted by a Thatcham recognised installer.

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