There are many benefits to living in Northamptonshire; it is a quiet rural area with a great central location to travelling to London, Birmingham and other major towns and cities. Northampton itself boasts a large variety of businesses in a range of sectors; one such being that of Motorhome security. Perhaps this makes sense, as Northampton also happens to be a haven for Motorhome owners, with several large suppliers in the area as well as holiday parks, such as Billing Aquadrome and Overstone. With this amount of Motorhome enthusiasts in the county, the need for security experts is large, and there are various companies available to suit your needs.

There are a number of different systems available, each with a specific USP (unique selling point). For example, for Motorhomes manufactured before 2006 the Toad Sterling System 1 offers comprehensive cab protection and engine immobilisation and complies with Thatcham Category 1 requirements. If you also require comprehensive habitation area protection, then System 2 includes a wireless magnetic door contact switch and a wireless infra red PIR motion detector.

For pre-2006 Motorhomes that already have remote controlled central locking and a built-in immobiliser, System 5 operates using Motorhomes existing remote controls. So when the doors and locked and unlocked the alarm arms and disarms accordingly. Again, as with System 1, this provides comprehensive cab protection, but for habitation protection opt for System 6, which also has wireless sensors.

For Motorhomes manufactured from 2006 onwards, such as the Fiat Ducato and Peugeot Boxer, CANbus wiring prevents either or these systems and almost all others Motorhome alarms from working, so System 7 has been specifically designed for these vehicles and operates using the Motorhomes existing remote control in the same way as System 5 and 6. For comprehensive habitation area protection, opt for System 8.

With all Motorhome alarms, additional wireless sensors can be added to protect lockers and garages. You can also add GSM pager system, like Toad’s Text Alert for example, which will send a text message to your mobile phone if the alarm is triggered and even if the battery on the Motorhome starts to go flat.

With all Motorhome alarms available, you can have the systems armed whilst sleeping or if leaving a pet inside, without fear of a false alarm.

Adding a tracking system, such as Trackstar from Trafficmaster can provide full European support in the event of the Motorhome being stolen.

So, with all these options to take into account, be sure to do your research and fully look into what would be the best system for you, your Motorhome and your intentions whilst travelling in it. A lot of Motorhome security companies also provide products for other vehicles, such as cars and motorbikes, so you may very well be able to buy comprehensive systems for your other vehicles at the same time. Motorhome security is very important, so make sure you use a company that can give you excellent, expert advice and give you the customer service you deserve.

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