Let’s be honest; in an ideal world we wouldn’t need to have motorcycle security. However, many of us do every day and usually for only one of two reasons – fear or force. Fear, because we have been a victim of motorbike theft before, or know someone else that has; force, because we cannot get insurance without fitting a Thatcham approved alarm, immobiliser, tracking system or lock.

So, motorbike security is almost always a distress purchase. Nobody wants it, some don’t believe they even need it, and the last thing anyone wants is for purchasing security to be inconvenient or expensive.

The first issue is usually the wrong one; what system should you choose? However, as with most things in life, the product is only ever as good as the installer. So, we would always recommend that the installer is chosen first and then the product. Another good reason for this is that good advice is hard to find and most motorbike security installers sell whatever is in their best interests and not necessarily yours.

A good indication of a quality installer is either the MESF (Mobile Electronic Security Federation) logo or that of the new Thatcham Accredited Installer. Not so long ago, it was the VSIB, but for good reasons and bad, they are no longer around.

Once you’ve chosen your installer, the next issue has to be the warranty on offer. It’s all very well getting someone local to fit your alarm or even the dealer, but what if you have a problem with the system and the bike won’t start? How do you get it back to them? This is why we always suggest using a mobile installer. This ensures that the warranty actually operates without any inconvenience to you. So, in the event of a problem, get the installer to come back to you; not the other way around!

Now that you have chosen your installer, getting the right product is key. Every day we hear concerns from customers regarding battery drain. Some alarms seem to get a bad rap for it, when actually the fitting caused the problem and not the actual system. The Meta alarm however has a sleep mode that actually results in no battery drain at all, so even if you chose Bob The Builder from eBay to secure your bike, if you wake to a flat battery one morning, at least you know it’s not the alarm!

In addition to this, we always think that when it comes to an alarm, the remote control is the most important aspect. Not just because of how it looks or works, but its size! It’s often hard to tell exactly what size an alarm remote control is until the alarm has been fitted. And one thing that non-bikers won’t appreciate is how uncomfortable it is to carry anything bigger than a fag paper in the pocket of your leathers. Size is important!

Again, the Meta M357TV2 comes with two different styles of remote control; one that opens in two like a clam-shell, which you insert your ignition key into; a second which is half the size of a disposable lighter, at just a few mm thick. So, regardless of which remote you’re out riding with, you’ll never have that feeling that some bikers have, of carrying a brick in your pocket and the sensation when it jabs you in the thigh!

So, when it comes to clever security for clever bikers, perhaps Meta is the sweeter pill to swallow?

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