Phantom ProActive 3

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The Phantom Pro 3 unit can send us alerts when a theft is actually in progress. We can connect the tracker into your already existing alarm system so that when the siren sounds it simultaneously sends us an alert. When we receive the alert we contact you by telephone to make you aware of the situation. At this point you can confirm whether it is an actual theft or a false alarm.

If you don’t currently have an alarm system we can provide and fit one at a discounted rate when purchased alongside our tracking unit. Or you can use the onboard motion sensor on the tracking unit, which detects when the vehicle is in motion.

Is there a subscription cost?

Yes, the subscription cost is competitively priced at either £99 per year or £349 for a five-year subscription. After the subscription period has ended you can either pay the same again or signup to our £8.99 monthly direct debit.

Current estate and recoveries

We already protect over £500,000,000 worth of assets with over 18,000 customers and have been personally responsible in the recovery of over £10,000,000 worth of vehicles. Our average recovery time is around 70 minutes, which means in most cases the thief will not have damaged or even used your vehicle.

Thatcham Quality Assured

TQA looks at all aspects of product performance, manufacturing capability and service, meaning that each product that achieves the coveted mark has successfully undergone a rigorous assessment. Quite simply, if a product carries the Thatcham Quality Assured trademark – you can rely on it.

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