Scorpion SA 30

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The Scorpion SA30 is one of the best value for money alarm systems available, providing a viable alternative for those looking for brilliant protection on their Vehicle, without breaking the bank!

The SA30 has a fantastic specification:

The most upto date technology provides you with a highly reliable system. So advanced it will last the life of the vehicle, meaning you’ll never have to replace it.As you can guess, the advanced system will need to under take a complex install! But relax, All our engineers are fully trained, are registered by Scorpion and MESF registered. So you know that your pride and joy is in safe hands!

LED – The SA30 has a very bright Red LED that shows the status of your alarm. It’s usually located on the dashboard:

This is a great visual deterrent as it shows your car is protected.

Linked into your existing Central Locking – The SA30 system is linked into your central locking, providing you with complete remote central locking!

Doors Boot and Bonnet Protection – All doors the boot and bonnet are connected to the alarm and when its armed, if they are opened or a forced entry is attempted, the siren will automatically trigger.

Even the most ardent car thief can’t get passed this.

Interior Protection:

If anyone was to break in through the glass, sunroof or cut out the back window and get into the vehicle the alarm will activate.

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