The very best vehicle security companies pride themselves in their products’ ability to protect you pride and joy. Those who own a motorcycle are usually quite enthusiastic about their bike, and may spend a lot of time riding it or maintaining it in their spare time. If you take pride in your bike, you will want to fit it with the best security system you can. You want your bike to be safe whether it is being stored at home, outside a shop or parked up for the night outside a hotel or B&B on one of your long cruises. Choosing the right security system for your motorcycle – whether it’s a scooter, a sports bike or an off road model – is vital.

Datatool was established in 1985, being one of the first companies to introduce electronic security systems to motorcycles. Over the years since the company started, they have become one of the leading motorbike accessory providers, ensuring they provide many of the products needed to help a rider in their day to day biking activities. Datatool security systems utilise some of the most recent technology, from UV reactive etching to text message notification if someone has disturbed your bike. These innovations, coupled with traditional security devices, help to protect your motorcycle in what is an opportunist world.

Statistics show that motorcycles are twice as likely to be stolen as cars, and that the vast majority of those are stolen from home – the environment in which they are often considered safest. The security solutions offered by Datatool help to prevent thefts in several ways. Having an alarm is an obvious deterrent to potential bike thieves, as is having a tracker or a unique ID. Good quality locks, steering locks and ground anchors can make a thief’s life a lot harder, and may mean that they choose to leave your motorcycle in favour of an easier target. In addition to these measures, basic common sense will help protect your vehicle form theft – so keep it in a garage whenever possible and be sure your keys are in a safe and secure place. If they are left at home, make sure they are out of sight of doors and windows. To make your bike less attractive to those who might steal it, don’t leave possessions on or around it. Always make sure your motorcycle is registered appropriately, even if it is not used on the road. Having its security information on the right databases can help track down your vehicle should it be stolen.

Owning and riding a motorcycle can be rewarding, invigorating and even becomes a major part of your lifestyle at times. Datatool understand how important your bike is to you, and this is reflected in their many products. In addition to security systems and solutions, they also supply battery chargers, rider information systems and other accessories. When choosing equipment for something as important as a motorbike, you will want to be sure it is of the best possible quality and is designed with the user in mind. Datatool products are sure to meet your needs.

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