It’s hard to believe that a £60,000 Motorhome comes without an alarm, yet a typical family hatchback or people carrier that can be worth less than 1 fifth in value is armed to the teeth. Perhaps the reason is because Motorhomes start out their lives as vans, and their value is dramatically increased only when they are converted. With a great deal of Motorhomes, the real value often lies in the content – in this respect, they aren’t that different to a van, which will almost certainly be carrying something of value, be it goods or equipment.

It would appear that a great many Motorhome dealers are not actively promoting the installation of an alarm either. Some believe this is actually down to them having a bad experience in the past and not having a good enough security installer supporting them when a problem occurs.

However, choosing the right installer in only 50% of the equation; the correct product is just as important and in particular, one that offers personal security as well as that of the contents and the Motorhome itself should always be considered. Some might recommend a large Rottweiler, but there are other, more viable options.

As with motorcycle security, alarm systems for Motorhomes are often just simple car alarms, which only really protect the cab and never the living space behind. Most even struggle to adequately protect the main entrance into the Motorhome.

As with the installer, the sign of Thatcham approval is paramount if you want to keep your insurance company happy. Thatcham Category 1 covers the alarm and immobiliser and the newly introduced Thatcham Recognised Installer program covers the fitting itself.

Both Toad and Laserline offer Thatcham approved systems that can secure the Motorhome using wireless technology. This not only prevents the need for unsightly wires to be run from the dashboard to the width and breadth of the Motorhome but also increases the security level itself. It does this by eliminating the possibility of a thief cutting wires that are run externally. However, most people just like the fact that the Motorhomes interior doesn’t need to be disturbed.

Other benefits of using wireless sensors are that they enable places such as lockers and garages with relative ease and even items such as bikes, satellite dishes and gas bottles etc. A wireless infra red PIR detector inside the building will trigger the alarm should anyone enter via a window or skylight too and, as they’re selectable you can turn them off if you want to leave a pet inside while you pop out, or have the alarm armed while you sleep.

Both Toad and Laserline alarms also offer user friendly features like remote controlled central locking and even have their own battery back-up built inside the siren, which will provide power for the siren to sound at 120dB for 20 minutes if the Motorhome battery is disconnected or the wires to the siren are cut.

The right system, fitted by the right installer, will provide peace of mind for many years. And if you choose to take the wireless route, you won’t even know it’s fitted!

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