For many years, Strikeback has been a name synonymous with Motorhome Security. Providing within the product line-up, a GSM paging and tracking system with the ability to provide an alert if the alarm is triggered or the battery is running low and of course, comprehensive alarm systems.

However, it’s easy to see how the product is left behind by vehicle security market leaders Toad. Perhaps the biggest drawback is it’s the hefty price tag, which actually makes just the Strikeback GSM paging and tracking system more expensive that an entire Thatcham Category 1 approved Motorhome alarm and immobiliser from Toad, such as the Toad Sterling 1 system, including Text Alert, an almost identical style pager/tracking system!

When you add up the cost of a Strikeback GSM pager/tracking system to a Strikeback Motorhome alarm, you almost double the cost of the Toad equivalent.

With the Toad Motorhome range you can start off with a basic Thatcham approved system, such as the Motorhome Alarm – System 1 and the add as many or as few additional wireless sensors as you like. Wireless magnetic switches can be located on the habitation door, lockers or garages. You can also add a wireless infra red PIR sensor inside the habitation area, which can be switched off whilst sleeping or if leaving a pet inside.

The System 1 comes with a pair of remote controls which have the capability of operating the Motorhomes central locking or total closure, it has switches that are installed to the cab doors and bonnet, which activate if either are opened, interior ultrasonic sensors, protecting the cab windows and windscreen and a dual-circuit immobiliser prevents hot-wiring. Under the bonnet a battery back-up 120dB siren is located, which will sound under its own power even if the wires are cut or the Motorhome battery is disconnected.

The Motorhome Alarm – System 2 actually incorporates a wireless magnetic habitation door switch and the habitation area wireless infra red PIR sensor.

By adding Toad’s Text Alert you will receive instant text messages in the event that the alarm is activated or the ignition is bypassed (hot-wired). If the Motorhome battery drops below 10.5v Text Alert will inform you, so you can take the appropriate action.

As with Strikeback, you can also use Text Alert to locate the Motorhome via the internet if stolen or if out on hire and you just simply want to know where it is.

So, if you just want to protect the cab, the Motorhome Alarm – System 1 is the best value for money around. For additional habitation protection, Motorhome Alarm – System 2 is for you!

For the ultimate in Motorhome protection, simply pick your desired alarm then add Toad’s Text Alert and stay in control.

All in all, Toad offers unrivalled value for money, state of the art reliability and best of all is now made in the UK!

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