Over a decade since its launch, Trackstar from Trafficmaster is still considered to be the best insurance approved GPS tracking system in the UK. It’s not just its dealers that rate it, but several major motor manufacturers too including Honda, Audi, Subaru, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Land Rover and many more! Just walk into one of their showrooms and you’ll see Trackstar on display for all to see; although their pricing structures often lead a lot to be desired…

We believe that when it comes to choosing a tracking system, why spend hours researching the market place, in the vague hope that you might find out something we don’t or what’s more, the technical guru’s at BMW!

However, choosing the right product is just half of the problem; get this bit right and you’re buying a Trackstar; but who should you choose to install it?

Before the internet, you would usually turn to the Yellow Pages to find a vehicle security installer; with the dawn of the world wide web, we now simply type into Google what we’re looking for, sift through all of the non-related cyber marketing and eventually find someone that offers the service you require, then enter their website.

This is where the problems start. Years ago you could have a chat on the phone, or take a drive down to their store, so you could get an impression of the business they operate. Is the store clean and tidy? Are they polite and helpful? Do I trust them with my vehicle?

Today however, its far too cheap and easy to get a website built and then, with a little help from Google and the exchange of some cash, you can be at the top of the search engines in no time at all. The website looks good, the service sounds good too and the prices are cheaper than Wilko’s; you’ve found the right company to fit your tracking system! Or have you?

Just like many other trades, Corgi for gas engineers for example, the vehicle security industry also has its own regulatory body, the MESF (Mobile Electronic Security Federation). The MESF ensure that engineers fit your chosen tracking system, or any other security device for that matter, following the correct guidelines, thus ensuring it works correctly and outlasts its warranty. They also monitor how customers are dealt with, not just with regard to the transaction, but the administration and safety of personal data too.

So, if you’ve done your research you’ll already have chosen Trackstar as your insurance approved GPS tracking system; now it’s time to choose the installer! Before you do, just make a note of the regulatory body again – MESF!

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