It’s not just performance motorbikes that are targeted; despite us not even seeing a glimpse of spring yet, we are receiving a huge amount of enquiries for trike security. It would appear that the security of trikes is a massive concern for insurers at the moment.

Last year it seemed that companies like Bikesure and Carole Nash were looking for physical security like disc locks, the Datatool Devil 1000 for example, if you were lucky, or ground anchors with chains if you weren’t. Obviously ground anchors and chains such as the Datatool Fortress 1 and the Python are only really effective while the trike is parked-up at home. When out and about, even using the Portable Python, means carrying something in excess of 4Kg around with you. Not a problem if you have storage but if the trike is bare then it’s over the shoulder for you! Bruises the next morning like an England prop.

Despite being one of the largest retailers of motorbike security locks, chains and ground anchors, we have always been ambassadors of electronic security. In other words, alarms, immobilisers and tracking systems.

As far as we are concerned, physical security often only acts as a visual deterrent, eliminating usually only the opportunist but never the professional. This worries us, as we have always guaranteed our customers that if anyone gets through one of our chains or locks, we will pay the excess if a claim arises.

Electronic security does one thing – causes panic for the thief!

What is fitted?

Where is it located?

Will it go off if I touch it?

The unknown is always the biggest worry for anyone and for anything. However, its horses for courses when it comes to electronic security. A basic Thatcham approved Category 2 engine immobiliser, like the Laserline 921TM is ideal for a scooter or moped, as these are typically hot-wired and less likely to be lifted into the back of a van. But larger bikes and almost all trikes will be up a scaffold plank and on-board the twocers van in seconds.

Some say “nobody takes any notice of alarms anymore” but that just isn’t true. Two people take a great deal of notice; you and the thief!

So, as a rule of thumb, the bigger the machine, the bigger the risk and the tighter the security needed. Trikes should be tracked; every time! Most are unique and cannot be replaced. Fitting a GPS tracking system like Biketrac or Toadtrak not only gives you instant notification if the trike moves but gets it back to you quickly and usually without damage. In addition, both of these systems allow you to monitor the trikes location at anytime. This is also handy of you want to make sure that your valued mechanic or dealer isn’t half way up the M1 giving your pride and joy a good thrashing.

The bottom line is – alarm it and you’ll sleep well at night; track it and you’ll sleep like a kitten!

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