HGV Security?

Many truck owners and operators look at physical security as the solution to HGV crime. Products like fuel valve locks, cab tilt locks etc have been the chosen method of protection for a number of years.

However, they all suffer from two massive problems, first, they are totally dependent upon being physically activated; second, they make no sound at all when being attacked. Frankly, carrying around a pit bull in the cab would be more effective.

HGV security comes in several formats; tracking systems for those carrying high value goods or the higher value rigs and trailers; alarm systems that can either protect the cab, in which case the driver is also protected, it’s load by protecting the trailer, or both!

By simply adding a series of wireless sensors, a basic cab alarm can protect the trailer seamlessly.

GAP Promises You 3 Things


Quality workmanship with direct approval from manufacturers such as Clifford, Toad, Laserline and Trackstar and with the peace of mind that GAP Security is an elected member of the MESF (Mobile Electronic Security Federation).


Servicing customers to the highest level! Websites allowing you to communicate there and then with a consultant; telephone links for customers directly to an technician, and a professionalism not usually found in the vehicle security industry.


Value added to every product and service, be it protecting your remote control against accidental loss or damage or giving you £250 cash-back if your vehicle is stolen, are all included in the guarantee of value that GAP Security provides.

HGV Alarm & Tracking

Of course, HGV crime if usually far more serious. Drivers are often attacked and loads are stolen and distributed through the black market. The knock-on affect is huge and can result in personal injury claims and loss of business through failed deliveries and down-time too. As a national installer, GAP Security provides a mobile fitting service that ensures your HGV isn’t taken off the road when a security device is fitted. We work hard to ensure that we rendezvous at specific times and locations when servicing takes place, for example, so there is no loss of productivity.

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