Van Security?

Van crime affects 17% of small businesses every year with an almost even split between the number of claims for contents, such as tools and goods, as claims for the actual Van itself!

The average Van theft, or theft from a Van, has a cost to the owner of £3000; totalling £2.2bn a year across the UK.

Despite most Vans displaying stickers stating that the contents are removed at night, almost 20% of Van owners leave their tools inside – and thieves are fully aware of this!

An amazing 21% of small businesses don’t actually insure the contents, so in the event of a claim will not only have to fork-out for new equipment, but may well lose business while they’re waiting to replace them.

GAP Promises You 3 Things


Quality workmanship with direct approval from manufacturers such as Clifford, Toad, Laserline and Trackstar and with the peace of mind that GAP Security is an elected member of the MESF (Mobile Electronic Security Federation).


Servicing customers to the highest level! Websites allowing you to communicate there and then with a consultant; telephone links for customers directly to an technician, and a professionalism not usually found in the vehicle security industry.


Value added to every product and service, be it protecting your remote control against accidental loss or damage or giving you £250 cash-back if your vehicle is stolen, are all included in the guarantee of value that GAP Security provides.

Van Alarm & Tracking

So what can be done? Well, for several years now all UK spec Vans have come with a Thatcham approved engine immobiliser as standard and many also have remote controlled central locking. Immobilisers are purely designed to stop the Van from being hot-wired, however, they offer no level or form of protection at all for the actual Van itself, and its contents. It’s crazy when you consider that most new cars come with a full alarm as standard, yet a Van worth almost twice the amount of money comes with nothing.

At GAP Security, we can get an engineer out to visit you on-site, so there’s no down-time for you or the vehicle at all, anywhere in the UK mainland within just a few days. Fitting a basic van alarm system can cost as little as £199 including VAT and a Thatcham approved system just £299. Wireless infra red PIR sensors can be added to these systems, to provide full protection for the rear without having to trail wires everywhere, which simply corrode and snag.

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