Alarm System 2 (Insurance Approved)

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Alarm System 2 With Mobile Fitting

Want your vehicle protected? Don’t want the Hassle of carrying around an extra Key fob? The Sigma S32 is the alarm system for you! Perfect protection which can be integrated into your existing remote.

The Sigma S32 has a fantastic specification and uses your existing immobiliser.

It has a full Thatahcam Category 2-1 Certification, ideal to uprgrade your alarm sytem to Full Thatcham Category 1, allowing the system to be recognised by every insurance company, throughout the country!

With supreme reliability, you know this system will provide you with a security that will not just protect your vehicle, but last its entire life time too.

Enabling yourself to save in the long run and keep hold of your hard earned cash!

Remember people, the system is only as good as the installer, and with a complex system needs a technical expert. Thats why our engineers are Toad registered and MESF accredited.

One of the best systems available with the up most convenience.


LED – The Sigma has a very bright Red LED that shows the status of your alarm. It’s usually located on the dashboard

This is a great visual deterrent as it shows your car is protected

Linked into your existing Remote Control – The Sigma system is linked into your existing remote meaning you haven’t got to carry any extra fobs around with you. Just carry on using your fob as normal.

Doors Boot and Bonnet Protection – All doors the boot and bonnet are connected to the Sigma alarm and when its armed, if they are opened or a forced entry is attempted, the siren will automatically trigger.

Even the most ardent car thief can’t get passed this.

Interior Protection

If anyone was to break in through the glass, sunroof or cut out the back window and get into the vehicle the alarm will activate.

The Siren – Has the Highest siren pitch that money can buy and secondly, it has its own battery for back up.

If your car battery is unlawfully disconnected by someone lying under the car, the siren will automatically trigger.

120 decibels is its volume

The maximum the law allows, and you’ll hear it

Remote Courtesy Lighting – When you disarm the alarm, the car’s interior lights come on until you start the engine, or for 30 seconds.

Very useful at night

Pin Code Over-Ride – Your alarm has its own unique pin code of 4 numbers. You can change them if you want to a favourite date or to match your bank pin code.

In the event of an emergency, you can completely de-activate the alarm.

This means you won’t be stranded

You can understand that this system demands a precise installation and that’s where we at GAP come in. As you know, we specialise in Sigma and all our engineers are fully trained and registered as Sigma and MESF Installers and have masses of experience in fitting them. They know exactly the best locations to covertly install the product, and take great care with your car during the work.

You even get a check list of the cars condition and a satisfaction note to confirm everything has been done to your entire satisfaction. Of course before he leaves, the engineer will carefully run you through the systems insuring that you understand how to use all the features.

You will be given your owners handbook and a certificate for insurance purposes and at headquarters for safekeeping, we even record your unique pin in case you should ever forget it.

Price includes the supply and mobile installation, anywhere within the UK mainland, a full manufacturers warranty covering parts and labour and VAT. Once ordered, you will be called within 48 hours to arrange the installation. Installation lead times average 5 working days.

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