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OBD Portector

OBD Portector

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What is Portector/How does it work?

Portector is an innovative hardware solution which permanently integrates into the vehicle without the need to cut into the wiring and designed specifically to protect a vehicles OBD port. It works by stopping the information travelling to the OBD port and therefore prevents a thief from accessing it, effectively closing the OBD port whilst Portector is armed. Think about an electronic safe being securely fitted on the end of the port. When armed the safe is closed and locked, retaining all of the valuable information in the vehicle. When unlocked and open everything is available. To turn off the system ‘open the safe’ you’ll need the OBD Port Activation Card. Portector provides the owner with the authorisation as to whom gets access to the vehicles information with ‘OBD Port Authorisation Cards’. These cards are required to temporarily switch off Portector and allows full access to the vehicle. It does not prevent any regular servicing/maintenance or other work being carried out on the vehicle providing the owner authorises such work by presenting their card. Portector utilises a range of bespoke wiring looms to seamlessly integrate into a vehicle. This ensures the correct fitment every time, without the need to cut into the vehicles wiring.


Portector is Thatcham Quality Assured (certificate number TQA511). This means it has been fully independently tested to meet the industry standards for security and quality. It passed and exceeded testing for both opportunist and professional theft attack methods.
Portector has been fully independently tested to ensure when fitted, it does not have any negative affect on a vehicle.

Standard Features Include:

– Dedicated OBD Port Protection
– Thatcham Quality Assured (Certificate Number TQA511)
– 2x OBD Port Authorisation Cards
– No hard wiring required during installation
– Registration on The International Security Register (The ISR®)
– 3 year warranty
– No subscription or ongoing costs


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