Recognised throughout the world as an innovator and one of the few serious vehicle security manufacturers, Autowatch has always avoided offering the gimmicky features often associated with alarms and focussed heavily on ease of use, reliability and value for money.

The Autowatch 650 is the very latest addition to our Caravan Alarm range of products and offers the most comprehensive and well thought out functionality we’ve ever come across.

Simple things that just make life that bit easier have been added to the Autowatch 650, like its connection to the awning lights for example, which enables the user to illuminate the entrance area of the caravan when entering and exiting, whilst arming and disarming the alarm accordingly.

The use of wireless technology also means that the Autowatch 650 can be fitted seamlessly, eliminating the need to run cables all over the caravan interior. Thus making the installation easier and the finished product far neater.

Its operated by remote control and a pair are provided (either his and hers and perhaps one could be kept in a safe place as a spare, like the cars glove box for example). Upon arming the 650 emits an audible and visual indication by chirping the siren and flashing the hazard lights so you know that the system has received and acted upon its command. For those wishing to enter and leave in peace the audible chirp can be deactivated at will.

It also has a panic function so that when the user in within range of the caravan or whilst inside, the alarms siren can be activated to alert people nearby of a problem.

For those caravans that are left unattended without a power hook-up, you’ll be pleased to learn that the system has its very own power supply, which even provides a low battery warning indication.

Moving onto the security, the wireless sensors provided protect the interior via an infra red movement sensor, which can be disabled whilst keeping the rest of the alarm armed, therefore allowing the occupants to sleep with the alarm armed without the risk of a false alarm when they move and it’s also useful for keeping pets inside. The second wireless sensor protects the caravan leg, thus triggering the alarm if the leg it raised or lowered.

In the event of a remote control battery going flat or a problem with a remote control the system can be operated via a secure digital touch-key, so no need to panic trying to find the spare!

It’s also Sold Secure approved, so the Autowatch 650 may even attract a discount from your insurance company. It’s certainly worthwhile mentioning it to them if you get a system fitted.

The Autowatch 650 also has an array of accessories including a pager facility that sends a text message to your mobile phone of the alarm is triggered and an upgrade to this device also provide internet tracking. Additional wireless sensors can also be added for protecting lockers, gas bottles and even bikes.

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