The UK has the worst vehicle theft problem in Europe with over 1100 vehicles being stolen every day.

Although there are many car security systems and alarms that exist on the market, by far the most reliable and recommended is the installation of a car tracker.

Vehicle security technology has gone far beyond traditional auto alarms. By purchasing a car tracker, in the case of a vehicle theft the Police are able to track and recover your car using this electronic device.

A car tracker can have many different characteristics and are typically classified as ‘passive’ and ‘active’.  A passive car tracker stores GPS location, speed, heading and sometimes a trigger event such as key on/off, door open/closed.  An active car tracker will also collect the same information but usually transmits the data in real-time via phone or satellite networks to a computer or data centre for evaluation.

A GPS car tracker fits into the vehicle and captures the GPS location information. Although they involve a little more investment than other models they ultimately offer a higher level of safety.

For some vehicles and certain parts of the UK, an alarm is the most suitable product, but with increasingly new and high value vehicles a car tracker is the only sensible option.

Gap Security Direct offer a wide range of car tracker products to suit every budget and some of their most popular models include the ‘Trackstar’ with mobile fitting, the ‘Toadtrak’ with mobile fitting and the ‘Cobratrak 5’ with mobile fitting.

Each car tracker product is competitively priced and backed by GAP Security’s promise of the best quality, best service and best value for money.  They install their car tracker systems throughout the entire UK mainland and once ordered you will be called within 48 hours to arrange the installation which will normally be within 4 working days.

Not only will a car tracker bring you the piece of mind of knowing you have the very latest in vehicle security technology you may also benefit by saving money on your insurance premiums.

When it comes to ensuring the maximum safety of your car, take the help of the very latest GAP Security technologies and install a car tracker device in your vehicle.

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