Unfortunately, many people have been victims of some sort of robbery attempt, hopefully with no adverse results.  Crime overall appears to be on the rise, and people are taking ever greater precautions at protecting their valuables, whether they are wary of pickpockets or worse, an armed assault involving a knife or gun.  They are also taking greater precautions at their homes and offices, often installing additional locks and deadbolts, security alarms, and in extreme cases, closed-circuit television cameras which lead to a central locationwhere security personnel can monitor the premises and alert the police in the event of an attempted break-in.

Our vehicles are in no less danger of being targets for theft or break-in.  Although one would assume that higher value cars, such as Jaguar, Mercedes, Audi, and Porsche would be the primary targets, more popular and common cars such as the Astra and the Volkswagen Golf are also focused on by would-be thieves.  Police suspect that organized gangs operate as a unit in attempting to steal cars, especially those of higher value, for a specific client or to meet a specific request.

As a result in the rise of auto thefts, technology has been developed to help automobile owners protect their valuable investment, and this involves car tracking.  This modern technology offers the ultimate protection.  Traditional defence systems involve either simple car alarms, which an expert thief can easily disable, or additional blocking systems which are harder to neutralize but can also potentially be deactivated, so that the thieves can safely drive away.  Sometimes, well-organized car thieves can also avail themselves of a tow truck or an actual flatbed truck, with which they can whisk the car away — often without raising suspicion at all.  But car tracking is far more complex. It uses a sophisticated system that incorporates the latest GPS technology, carefully hidden away in the automobile itself, which allows anyone with access to the signal to monitor exactly where the car is headed or located and therefore have an excellent chance of recovering the automobile itself.  The beauty of the system is that anyone who has access to the signal emitted by the GPS device can monitor the car’s location — via a computer connected to the Internet, even via a smart phone.  Imagine the convenience of returning to where your car was, finding it not there, but being able to immediately locate it, alerting the proper authorities, and therefore recovering it as quickly as possible.

When you decide to get serious about protecting your vehicle, be sure to contact the specialists at GAP Security.  They can provide you with expert advice, either by phone or online, advising you of the several options that they provide, including alarms and various solutions for car tracking.

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