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Unlike many car security systems which provide you solely with an anti-theft solution, car tracking devices go much further.

In the event of your car being stolen, car tracking will help the Police to track and recover your car, therefore providing an integral part of your anti-theft measures.

A car tracking system combines the installation of an electronic device with purpose-designed computer software at one operational base to enable the owner or third party to track the vehicle’s location.

With a variety of uses worldwide, car tracking systems come in various forms mainly utilising GPS technology and SMS services. Whilst most will offer real-time tracking, others record real time data and store it to be read, similar to data loggers.

When used as a theft prevention and retrieval device, Police will simply follow the signal emitted by the car tracking system and locate the stolen vehicle. Car Tracking can therefore serve as either an addition or replacement to a traditional car alarm.

In some cases car tracking systems enable you to control your vehicle remotely, allowing you to block the doors or engine in case of emergency.  In this instance car tracking can be used to reduce insurance costs, as the loss-risk of the vehicle will drop significantly.

Some Car Tracking Systems integrate several security systems, for example by sending an automatic alert to a phone or email if an alarm is triggered or the vehicle is moved without authorisation.

Modern vehicle tracking systems commonly use GPS technology for locating the vehicle, but other types of automatic vehicle location technology can also be used.

Historically car tracking has been accomplished by installing a box into the vehicle, either self-powered with a battery or wired into the vehicle’s power system. For detailed vehicle locating and tracking this is still the predominant method; however emerging mobile phone technology can provide tracking of multiple entities, such as both a salesperson and their vehicle. These systems also offer tracking of calls, texts, and Web use and generally provide a wider range of options.

Car tracking is an integral part of vehicle security and highly recommended by the Police in recovering stolen vehicles.

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