On purchase of your bike, it is important to consider the security of your purchase before taking it home. You need to ask yourself the following questions; Do I need an alarm? Do I need an immobiliser? Will someone really try and steal my scooter? Where can I safely store my bike? What happens if it does get stolen? The list goes on and on. The key thing to remember is why take the risk in the first place, to save a bit of money? It’s too much hassle I just want to get out on the open road and see what she can do, I’ll think about security later. Stop right there, what’s the point in saving all that money and spending all that time hunting down the best deal you could find if your bike is taken away from you and quite frankly you didn’t care enough to get adequate security?

Let’s think about this rationally, compare this purchase with others you have made with a similar financial outlay, perhaps you took a holiday somewhere over the winter to get some sun and avoid the cold and darkness of the UK? You will have wanted to be fully covered in terms of cancellations, baggage, injury and theft etc. So you take out an insurance premium that is suitable to your purchase. This costs a little extra but gives you peace of mind throughout your trip and means you can get on with enjoying yourself rather than being constantly on high alert for risks.

Now, have a look at the bike you have just bought, do you want to worry every night when you get off your bike that you may not see it again? Or when you pop down to the shops or to see friends, you can’t take them for a spin if it’s been stolen! When we purchase something that is deemed to be an asset it is advisable to secure this asset to protect it and yourself for the future.

That is where a Datatool alarm comes in, this is one of the options you have when it comes to securing your bike. The Datatool alarm caters for bikes of all sizes and boasts a range of features that will help protect your bike from theft and tamper. If someone has the inclination to saw through your chain lock or break into your garage, then the Datatool alarm will recognise this and alert you to the event through a high pitched siren, this will not only startle the potential thief but give rise to a few curtains been drawn and, although some may be disgruntled by the late night wake up, you will be able to brush these aside safe in the knowledge that your Datatool alarm has paid for itself already. So once you have had the Datatool alarm fitted, you can then rest easy knowing you have time to save up for any future improvements you would like to make, Datatool alarms are the just the start. Rest easy riders!

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