This Italian manufacturer of vehicle security systems was founded way back in 1987 and some 22 years later, remains a prominent force in the UK industry. Perhaps one of their most recognised benefits is their incredible value for money.

Unlike Datatool, Laserline is possibly better known for its range of car and commercial vehicle security devices (and is a very popular choice for the Motorhome owner), rather than purely Bike Security. However, for over a decade we have been installing their bike products in more quantity than anything else they supply. The Laserline ease of installation and exceptional reliability has won them the respect of almost every professional vehicle security installer in the industry.

Laserline offers the biker a Thatcham Category 1 alarm and immobiliser, namely the Laserline 862TH/TL and a Thatcham Category 2 immobiliser, the Laserline 921TM.

The 862TH/TL is an ingenious device, coming in two options; TH if being fitted in a horizontal position and TL if being positioned vertically. This is due to the internal tilt and motion sensor, which basically acts as an electronic gyroscope. It therefore, needs to be positioned according to how it will sit once installed to the bike.

Operated remotely, the 862TH/TL comes with a pair of waterproof remote controls. It also offers the biker the power to delete lost or stolen remote controls via a coded key, which is a true advantage, especially as current climates have seen key theft on the rise. This system also comes with 120dB battery back-up siren which continues to sound even if it loses power or its wires are cut; a self reference tilt sensor which knows the angle the Bike is mounted; dual circuit automatic engine immobilisation and a “sleep mode” current drain of just 0.5ma.

However, what attracts people to this system more than anything is its price tag of just £259.99 which includes VAT, a mobile installation and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty!

Laserline’s Thatcham Category 2 Immobiliser, the 921TM is only £189.99. This includes VAT, a mobile installation and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Its operated using transponder technology, which means the biker doesn’t have to do much to disarm it other than put the keys in the ignition. This is possibly due to a microchip that hangs on the biker’s key-ring which interacts with a receiver located in the ignition. When the two meet, the immobiliser disarms immediately.

However, rather cunningly, this system also comes with a credit card transponder, which can be placed in a wallet for those bikers that keep one in their back pocket, or, it can be stitched into the seat of the biker’s leathers. The receiver can then be located in the seat of the bike and whenever the biker jumps on, the immobiliser disarms!

An ideal system for those that don’t like the thought of having to carry a key-ring with them, plus it’s also impossible to be a victim of key theft, as the thief will also need either your wallet or to put on your leathers!

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