It’s known only too well that many motorcycles are stolen simply for their parts. In the majority of cases, the individual parts themselves are worth a great deal more than the bike itself. It seems as though stealing and stripping motorcycles has been going on since time in memorial. However, not only is it possible that a used part you purchase could actually be stolen, but the bike you are riding could be too!

Professional motorcycle crime syndicates obtain motorcycles that have been scrapped or severely damaged. They then literally rebuild that bike using stolen parts, or in some cases simply use the stolen bike as a clone. Sometimes these machines are then quickly part-exchanged; often they are simply sold on. This is typically unknown by the buyer, until it’s too late.

Up until 1992, it seemed that there was little that could be done to prevent this and almost nothing could be done to detect it. That was until, with tremendous support from the MCIA (Motorcycle Industry Association), Datatag was launched! Forever changing the face of motorcycle security.

As engine and chassis numbers are often totally unreliable, Datatag utilises a series of very special, state of the art, stealth identification techniques to enables the Police to identify stolen motorcycles parts. To begin with, transponder tags are hidden inside the motorcycle, which are so small they’re simply impossible to find. These “tags” are registered at Datatag with a unique number and the owner’s details.

In addition to this, microdot identification is used known as Datadot, which is held in an adhesive fluid and can be applied anywhere. When magnified, the Datadots provide a unique serial number which is also registered at Datatag.

Next, Datatag DNA, a unique chemical DNA solution, which gives each part of the machine a unique DNA code is applied to the bike. As with the Datadot, this can also be analysed by the Police and the genuine owner identified.

Of course, all of the technology used by Datatag is covert and designed to go undetected, thus almost landing the thief in a trap! However, in reality, nobody wants to become a victim of crime and prevention is almost always better than cure. As such, a tamper evident warning and registration label is located on the machine and is a domed resin colour warning label. The use of such visual deterrents are encouraged to prevent the theft actually taking place, in the hope that the thief simply moves onto the next bike and leaves your well alone!

Using Datatag on your motorcycle is a simple choice, and the best choice possible to keep your bike safe and under tabs, giving you a great deal of peace of mind.

Since 1992, Datatag has played a major part in reducing the number of motorcycles stolen in the UK and enabled Police to achieve a successful prosecution rate of 100%. Independent surveys have shown that without Datatag your motorcycle is twice as likely to be stolen!

You do the maths!

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