Anyone who owns a motorbike will be familiar with the high levels of bike theft that is unfortunately common in the UK. The chance of recovery for stolen bikes is also uncomfortably low, at around 32%. Therefore if you are a bike owner, you should take every precaution to ensure that your security arrangements are adequate and up to date.

Datatool have a huge range of equipment and systems that can provide a variety of solutions for any make and model of bike. They have a good range of alarms, most of which include immobilisers, and which have a variety of helpful features such as back up sirens, universal mounting brackets, panic functions and waterproof remotes. Most alarms should be compatible for the majority of motorbikes; however it is worth double checking with any supplier that your bike will be suitable for the alarm you have chosen, particularly in the case of older or rarer models.

Locks and chains are among the most basic of security systems, but Datatool has a range of very high quality options to choose from. For those who store a bike outside at night, a ground anchor is a great way of keeping your bike secure. They can be bolted to the floor, or installed in concrete, and secure any bike with a strong lock and chain. Datatool have a particularly strong range that come complete with Thatcham Insurance Approval. Although the largest chain is very bulky and heavy, there are a number of lighter options that are suitable to carry around with your bike. This range also comprises a garage defender, which provides a steel hardened bolt in front of your garage door. This is available for self-installation, however some items may not be. It is worth checking installation arrangements with any supplier, as this service might incur additional costs. Most good providers will offer to fit items, but it is also important to check whether an engineer will come out to your location, or whether you will be required to travel.

One of the most impressive systems provided by Datatool is the use of tracking devices. These will locate a stolen bike using a radio signal, and allow local police forces within the vicinity to find it quickly and safely. If your bike is stolen, the tracker can be activated which will emit the silent radio signal. This service can require an annual subscription, so it is advisable to contact any supplier and discuss the options and levels of protection available.

Another form of tracking uses a self contained security device, which will send a message to a selected mobile phone if your bike is disturbed or the ignition is switched on. For an additional fee, this tool can also provide tracking via the internet. This device and the many others available from Datatool can be used individually or in combination, to ensure that any bike is securely protected. This is vital for peace of mind, whether at home or away, whenever your bike is left unattended.

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