Most motorbike owners will be familiar with the security problems they can often present; bikes are twice as likely to be stolen as cars, and their recovery rate is only around 32%. This makes bike security a top priority for most owners, and luckily there are a number of ways to help secure bikes when they are left unattended.

There are a large range of options including alarms, immobilisers and even tracking systems that can help to prevent motorbikes from being stolen, or recover them if they do get taken. When searching for bike security, it is a good idea to opt for well known and trusted brands such as Datatool, which has a huge range of items available. This is an area in which it is not always sensible to opt for a cheaper version, and where possible owners should always look for a good brand.

Datatool has a large range of options and products, which should suit any needs and style of bike. Their alarms are well designed and most comprise an immobiliser to add extra security, although these are also available individually. Datatool alarms have a range of features including waterproofing, back-up sirens and PIN code override systems. An alarm and immobiliser is one of the most common ways to secure a bike, and is the first stop for many owners. Datatool also have a range of products suitable for securing bikes when they are at home. Around 80% of bike thefts occur from the home, so security should not stop here. A range of ground anchors are available, to secure any bike that is parked on a driveway. These can be bolted onto or installed into existing concrete, and can be used with a Datatool lock and chain, which comes with insurance approval. Although very heavy and durable with a hardened core, it is coated with flexible plastic to avoid scratches to wheels or paintwork. The large range available means that there should be a security option available to suit any bike and owner.

When looking for a bike security system such as an alarm, it is important to check a few specifics before buying. Some systems may not be compatible with all bikes, so this is an important point to research and double check before any purchase is made. It is also worth checking installation options; most suppliers should offer an installation service if necessary, but this may incur additional charges. Similarly, check if the suppliers will travel to your location to fit the system, or whether you must travel yourself. Warranties are also vital, and make sure that any supplier has a good policy that will protect you and your bike. All these issues should be taken into consideration before purchasing, and it may be advisable to call or email any supplier with an enquiry. They should provide expert advice and be able to suggest any alternatives should it be necessary. It is essential to be confident in any security system to ensure peace of mind when leaving any motorbike unattended.

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