Most thieves are aware that a good alarm is the first accessory on the shopping list for any Motorcyclist. With the ease in which a Motorbike can be stolen, not to mention the lightning speed in which it happens, fitting an alarm is the very first line of defence and in most cases will actually prevent the theft taking place at all.

Most thieves don’t like confrontation and certainly don’t want to be caught in the act. Therefore, the sound of an alarm going off at almost 120dB is the last thing they need. We often hear people say “Nobody takes any notice of alarms these days” but they couldn’t be any further from the truth. There are usually 3 people that take notice – the owner, the police and of course the thief!

For some people the Motorbike will often be stored or parked out of sight and as such, the siren may never be heard by anyone other than the thief. This means the bike may get stolen anyway. However, there is still something that can be done to keep the owner informed.

The Snitcher from Datatool is the very latest product in the fight against Motorbike Crime. Snitcher can be used as a stand-alone security system or can be linked to almost any good Motorbike Alarm.

Using GSM technology, the Snitcher acts like a cross between and mobile phone and an alarm. If connected to an alarm, in the event of the alarm being triggered it will automatically send a text message to the user preferred mobile phone number, informing them of the situation. With a built-in shock sensor, the Snitcher will even activate by itself if the motorbike is moved.

The sensitivity can be set to the users requirements and is so accurate can even be set for Ultra High Sensitivity so just someone touching the motorbike will cause a silent but deadly trigger via the GSM network, straight to the owner!

Snitcher comes as standard with an Orange Pay N Go SIM card and is therefore, ready to go. However, an alternative network provider can be used if Orange does not the best coverage for the user’s area.

So, no matter where the user is, if the motorbike is moved or the alarm is triggered, the motorbikes rightful owner is instantly informed and thereby given control of the situation. Snitcher also has the capability of being operated via SMS text messaging, with outputs available for the horn, lights and even the immobilisation circuits, which would render the bike useless.

In addition, Snitcher constantly monitors the battery level of the motorbike itself and should the level drop below 10.5v will instantly send a message, giving the user the chance to get the motorbike on charge immediately.

Snitcher also enables the user to locate the motorbike via the internet, again using GSM technology. Websites like uklocate allow the SIM card within the Snitcher system to be registered and then monitored or tracked online. As it is unlikely that the thief will know that the Snitcher is fitted, this gives the owner the chance of a speedy recovery by liaising with the police by having the power to give the motorbikes exact location. It’s also handy if the bike is being serviced or borrowed!

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