Fitting a tracking system can protect the owner almost as much as the vehicle itself. Knowing that a tracking system has been installed gives the owner the opportunity to allow the vehicle to be taken, without hindrance, in the full knowledge that it can be located and recovered at a later stage.

There are two types of tracking system, GPS (Global Positioning System) and Radio Based. GPS systems operates using LEO (Low Earth Orbiting) Satellites, which locate the vehicle down to just a few feet and using secure monitoring centres, communicate with the UK’s police forces to provide a constant location. Radio Based systems on the other hand, work like an electronic homing device. A covert transmitter is hidden discretely
in one of several dozen places around the vehicle.
When activated, this signal can be received by the police and homed in on. In both cases a monitoring fee will usually apply, which is paid directly to the tracking provider.

Thatcham has two types of approval, Category 5 and Category 6. More often than not TQA will suffice most insurers and in our opinion, is more than adequate. However, as with all of the security systems available on this website, it is the installation that will determine how effective the system actually is. A discrete installation, blending the wiring and system into the vehicles original loom, could make all the difference between getting your vehicle back again or not!

GAP Security’s team of highly skilled and auto electrically trained engineers, specialise in working on high value vehicles and have even had the pleasure of fitting tracking systems onto numerous Rolls Royce’s and Bentley’s on behalf of Jack Barclays of London.

Our dedication to customer service and high level of perfection has won us the trust of dozens of Premiership footballers and A List celebrities over the last 13 years.

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