You’ve just finished your breakfast, brushed your teeth and put your riding leathers on, it’s cold out so the balaclava goes on too, pick up the keys from the hook in the kitchen, kissed your better half goodbye and squeezed past the dog that seems keener to get out than you. With your helmet in one hand and bike keys in the other you close the door behind you and slowly turn to face the spot where you parked your bike last night after getting back from work. Maybe it’s the sun in your eyes? But you can’t see the bike, you stare a bit longer….the sudden chill of realisation runs down your spine. It’s been stolen in the night and you have no way of knowing who or when or how. But it’s gone. Knowing the statistics well you realise its fairly unlikely you will ever see it again, or if you do it wont be in the same condition anymore.

It’s every motorbike owner’s worst nightmare, but there is a way of safe guarding against this, so you can sleep easily knowing your bike is protected from theft.

Back in 1985 a company was set up specifically for the security of motorbikes and to help protect against such events. Datatool was a forerunner in motorbike security and one of the first companies to bring electronic security to motorcycles. Datatool have produced a range of Datatool alarms designed to keep your prized possession as safe and secure as possible. There is a range of six Datatool alarms available, each one of which boasts a range of impressive features that will benefit you and your bike.

Let us look at the “Cat” and “Super Cat” range of Datatool alarms to highlight the options available and the benefits to the customer. They are designed to fit into a small tight space ensuring that it is not only out of sight, but also almost impossible to tamper with or remove. The problem of weighty and bulky shaped keys has been obviated through the use of a small remote control, should this remote be lost (which lets face it can happen!) the pin can be overridden by the owner. Come the winter months, many of our gadgets start to lose the plot, but the Datatool alarm has an in built ultra low current draw helping to save your battery life.

The Datatool alarms don’t just cater for the high powered bikes, but those with engines up to 125cc are covered too. The benefits include a two button key fob and a motion sensor that is fully adjustable to offer the desired level of protection. Having invested in a Datatool alarm we can look forward to riding our pride and joy for years to come knowing that we have cut the risk of theft considerably. This being the start of our journey into more secure riding we can now look forward to more accessories to improve the overall security of our motorcycle, bringing peace of mind.

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