The importance of security for any of our major possessions is paramount these days, we endeavour to stop theft with a range of different devices designed to warn, track and prevent theft or criminal damage occurring. Look around your home; you may have a house alarm, often a series of sensors set up over doorways to alert you should an intruder enter your premises. The sound of a car alarm is all too common these days and it’s true to say that many people ignore this alert as they can often malfunction or go off due to inexperience of the user.

It may be true to say that we have all become a little complacent when it comes to security because we have this technology at our fingertips, unfortunately this complacency is our own worst enemy and the old notion that “those sorts of things don’t happen to people like us” is being proven to be false, especially when it comes to the theft of our vehicle.

For many of us the car or motorbike is a lifeline which we rely on for getting to work, visiting friends, doing a shop or simply getting some milk and the papers from the next village up. The way to approach this issue is to consider your position should vehicle theft happen to you. Think of the importance of that vehicle to you, your family and how intrinsic it is to your way of life. With complacency out of your mind and feeling of slight panic replacing it, now is the time to consider your options. The motorbike sitting out side your house with a wheel lock on, is that really enough? Statistically speaking it’s true to say that many more cars than motorbikes are broken into per year; however the recovery rate of the car is also a lot higher than that of the bike.

Time to upgrade your lock and chain for a motorbike alarm, there are a huge range of motorbike alarms available on the market so the key is to choose wisely. Have you compromised on the security of your home? No is probably the answer, so why compromise on this. The motorbike alarm will give you the peace of mind to leave your bike out on the street at night. Should you have a garage, the motorbike alarm will also give you peace of mind should thieves break in.

Let’s look at the technology available to you as a bike owner, described as state of the art. You can have a high spec motorbike alarm fitted to your bike discreetly; thieves will not be able to spot it. The bike can be immobilised and tracked with further enhancements and weather has been taken into consideration too, your motorbike alarm is fully weather and shock proof.

So have a long think the next time you get on your bike and unlock the chain lock, is this form of protection enough anymore? Should I be taking more pride in my bike? And maybe most of all, what would I do without my bike?

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