Laserline have been manufacturing high quality vehicle security products for over 20 years and their latest generation products are specifically aimed at protecting modern vehicles. This of course includes catering for the growing need for Thatcham Approved Can Bus alarm systems for motor homes.

The Laserline 670T (System 7 & System 8) alarm system utilises the vehicles original central door locking remote controls, thus removing the need to carry additional Laserline remote controls on key rings. The 670T also uses the original Thatcham Category Two transponder immobiliser. This is built into the vehicle within the factory as the immobilisation part of the kit; the alarm is not connected to the original immobiliser in any way.

The alarm system is categorised as a Thatcham Category 2-1 Upgrade system with an insurance approval number of TUL-151/1207.

The 670T is insurance approved and owners can usually claim extra insurance premium discount if they have the kit fitted. In some cases the installation of a Thatcham Category 2-1 or a Thatcham Category 1 system may be a condition of their insurance policy.

In standard format the 670T includes ultrasonic interior sensors which are installed in the cab area of the vehicle. These sensors will trigger the battery backup siren and flash the vehicle indicators if the cab area of the vehicle is broken into. Owners also have the ability to isolate the ultrasonic sensors if needed, further operational details are supplied in the comprehensive user guide which is specific to the 670T and provided with each kit, extra copies of all Laserline user guides are available to download in the owners info section at if required.

In addition to the standard features of the 670T, wired magnet and reed switches can be added to the system to protect side doors, points of entry and additional lockers, bonnet pin switches and connection to the original cab door switches are also standard features.

Laserline also manufacturer a range of wireless sensors including 801V1D wireless passive infra red detectors which are usually used in the living area of the motor home. A passive infra red detector will trigger the alarm system by detecting movement inside the vehicle when the alarm is armed. The 801V1D also incorporates a battery saving mode and manual override facility if the owner wants to arm the alarm system overnight or while still in range of the detector.

Wireless door contacts are also available, with part 800 being the standard wireless door contact and 807 being the slim-line version. All three models have been specifically designed for leisure applications where routing cables is difficult and installation space is at a premium.

With so many different vehicle models and applications all Laserline systems require professional installation, for a customised quote specific to your vehicle please contact GAP Security for unbeatable service and price.

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