One of the most important things anyone who owns a vehicle needs to look at is their security. Even if the vehicle in question is an older model, it still needs to be secured correctly and efficiently to ensure it is not in danger of being vandalised or stolen. Whether it is a car, van, motor home or bike, there are numerous security options available from a variety of manufacturers that provide an all round, efficient solution.

Looking more in depth at the various motorcycle alarm and security offers on the market, let’s begin by looking at the various manufacturers in the field. Datatool is perhaps one of the more well known names, and for good reason, as their evolving product range continues to provide overall satisfaction and reliability to the majority of vehicle owners that choose to use their systems. Meta is another good motorcycle alarm provider – their alarms provide Thatcham approved security and a full combination of features to provide all round security for the motorcycle. Another example is Laserline; again, well known, reliable and durable, Laserline’s motorcycle alarm systems feature benefits such as waterproof remote controls, battery backups and a panic function.

With the wide range of motorcycle alarms and security options on offer, it is important that after looking at the manufacturers who supply the systems, you look at what the systems offer individually. Of course, what you buy will depend a lot on what you need from your security system and how much money you have to spend on the product, but it is important to consider all options before making a definite decision. The Datatool S4 Red unit, for example, is slightly more expensive that the Datatool S4 Green, but it offers enhanced features such as Thatcham category 1 as opposed to the Green’s Thatcham category 2:1, and an ultra low power draw on the battery and system.

Another aspect to consider is that having an alarm that is Thatcham approved does tend to make a reduction on your insurance premium on the vehicle (although this is not definite), so this is an aspect a lot of people look for when looking for a motorcycle alarm, or indeed, an alarm for any vehicle. This accreditation signals to the insurance company that the risk of theft is considerably lessened, and the premium may reduce accordingly. Of course, other factors are taken into account by the insurance company, such as the person’s insurance history, no claims bonus etc, and these influence the final premium offered by the insurance company.

When looking to buy any type of vehicle alarm, be sure to research all of the options available to you and look in depth at each manufacturer and product. Any company selling such an alarm will be able to give you specific advice as to what type of alarm will be best for your individual needs and the price and options available. Be sure to give them a call or ask in store with any questions you may have.

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