It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago this country was covered in snow and now before even a glimpse of spring has arrived, motorbikes are back out of hiding and onto our roads once again. Although so far this year, we have seen a huge number of trike owners call to purchase motorcycle security. In fact just today, one proud owner of a Harley Davison trike called to purchase now just a ground anchor and chain, but also a Thatcham Category 5 tracking system.

It seems that along with recession comes crime and as things get tougher out there, motorbikes are perhaps the single biggest automotive target. So, to help ease the pain of the hike in VAT, we have decided to keep our prices down on motorbike security yet our service levels up and it doesn’t stop there.

Our Datatool System 4 continues to come with a free Devil 1000 disc lock and our Meta M357TV2 which is currently only £299.99 including mobile fitting, remains perhaps the best deal out there!

So, if you’re the proud owner of a new motorbike or trike and security is a concern for you or your insurance broker, consider the following options:

Scooters – fitting a Category 2 immobiliser is best as these tend to be hot-wired and ridden rather than professionally targeted.

Sports Bikes – Category 1 motorcycle alarm and immobiliser will not only immobilise the engine, but recognise anyone attempting to move or sit on your machine!

Custom, Cruiser & Chopper – Track it! These are almost certainly stolen to order and usually harder to replace, so get it back as quickly as possible is the only answer motorbike tracking & motorcycle tracking .

Trike – The sky is the limit as these have plenty of room to hide security equipment, however, they’re often too big to lift or wheel away, so start with a good Category 1 alarm and consider tracking if you still feel vulnerable.

In addition to these electronic devices, physical motorcycle security like locks and chains can be used. Quads and pit bikes, or trials and crossers should be secured using a ground anchor and chain to a concrete surface like a garage floor for example.

If you’re on a tight budget, you could always start off with just a disc lock, like the Devil 1000 from Datatool. OK, it won’t stop the bike being picked up and loaded into a van, but it will stop a joy-rider in their tracks and they make up half of all thefts anyway, so you’ve reduced your chances of being a statistic by 50% for just £49!

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