We’ve been installing Trackstar for over a decade. Initially it was branded RAC Trackstar, due to a partnership with the RAC (Royal Automobile Club). When this partnership ended, it became the Trackstar Protector; then after a software change and a few evolutionary modifications, it changed again to Protector Plus. Today, its actual name is Trafficmaster Trackstar TM450. Although, not surprisingly when you consider all of the name changes, it’s still referred to by almost all of its previous aliases. Ultimately, it remains the best selling and most effective GPS tracking system on the market. We believed this to be true when we fitted the very first system and still have the same high regard for Trackstar over 10 years later. So much is our belief in Trackstar’s performance, that we have fitted it to countless celebrities and premiership footballers, in vehicles ranging from the classic Wag’s Chelsea Tractor, to supercars with a price tag close to that of Royal Wedding! Most people that call us to purchase a tracking system, do so because they’ve been asked to by their insurance company; perhaps if they hadn’t, they wouldn’t even consider fitting one? Basically, most tracking systems are a distress purchase! For this reason, we often wonder why people consider fitting alternative products and there are enough of them out there. Think about it logically. If you don’t want a tracking system, why then choose one that isn’t even that effective? Surely this just adds insult to injury, when you discover that your pride and joy has been pinched and nobody can locate it? Despite the recent VAT increase, Trackstar has maintained a recommended retail price of £399 including fitting. This price is sensible and realistic. It’s not too expensive, nor is it too cheap. However, to encourage all of those people that really don’t want one anyway, we’ve used our buying power to enable us to reduce this price dramatically! As from the 1st of May 2011, for a limited period only, we are offering everyone the chance to get a Trackstar fitted to their vehicle for just £249.99 including VAT. What is more, we’ll even come to you for fit it, included in the price. This means it can be fitted at home or at work, even at the dealership before the vehicle is delivered. So, if you don’t want a tracking system but someone somewhere says you have to have one, do the sensible thing and buy one that actually works and if you’re quick, you’ll save yourself enough money to buy something you really do want like!

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