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The SMS Brake Alert is a warning device to warn the driver that he/she is exiting the vehicle without applying the handbrake.

It is a totally stand alone system, including speaker, and requires no wiring to the existing vehicle audio system. Brake Alert is the loudest product on the market, with 106dB output, and installation is quick & easy, with single bolt fixing.

Technical specification:

  • Provides a clear spoken audible warning of a disengaged handbrake if the driver vacates the vehicle and has not engaged the handbrake.
  • Positive and negative door inputs.
  • Low power consumption so the drain on the vehicles battery is minimal.
  • Warns the driver of the vehicle that the handbrake has not been applied and the vehicle is being operated in a safe manner.
  • User friendly operation, in that the driver only has to turn off the ignition and begin to exit the cab and a warning will automatically start to sound if the handbrake has not been applied.
  • Easy installation, no modification of the vehicles braking circuit is required.
  • Compact watertight unit only 76mm diameter x 49mm deep.
  • Neodymium Wide Dispersion Mylar sounder with 106dB output.
  • For use on any 12 volt or 24 volt vehicle.
  • 2mm thick steel boltless bracket with 2000hr salt erosion resistance.

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