Passive Keyless Entry

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Passive Keyless Entry

Very popular in most modern vehicles, passive keyless entry has become a neccessary requirement not just for security but for convenience too!

Designed and developed by Directed, the manufacturers of the Viper and Clifford range, they have created a revolutionary approach in allowing your pride and joy, to become equipped with passive keyless entry.

No more having to mess around looking for your keys in endless amounts of pockets, or through out your handbag! Simply walk up to the vehicle and when in proximity, the doors will unlock and allow you access. Same goes for when you come to a stop, simply close the door and walk off! No more forgetting to lock your vehicle!

This passive keyless entry system, can also be linked up to your Canbus alarm system, so whilst unlocking and locking the doors when in range, its also arming and disarming the alarm system! Keeping the vehicle protected at all times.

It is also compatible with the SmartStart bundles, allowing you to have both the SmartStart and passive keyless entry systems, working in conjunction with each other. Best of both worlds!

You can understand that this system demands a precise installation and that’s where we at GAP come in. As you know, we specialise in Vehicle Security. And all our engineers are fully trained and registered as MESF Installers and have masses of experience in fitting them.

They know exactly the best locations to covertly install the product, and take great care with your vehicle during the work. You even get a check list of the vehicles condition and a note to confirm everything has been done to your entire satisfaction.

Of course before he leaves, the engineer will carefully run you through the systems insuring that you understand how to use all the features.

Price includes the supply and mobile installation, anywhere within the UK mainland, a full manufacturers warranty covering parts and labour and VAT. Once ordered, you will be called within 48 hours to arrange the installation. Installation lead times average 5 working days.

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